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Hey so, I'm not entirely sure how familiar you are with Classic and Expanded Universe Who, but I feel the need to correct you kind of on the Doctor's 'childhood, his family, his spouse' thing? See, Gallifreyans reproduce asexually using something called Looms - for a basic example, see how Jenny was made in The Doctor's Daughter. They don't really have family units (well not ones we would recognise) either, and it's entirely possible that the Doctor never had a spouse :)

well, butts. Time to talk about how I reckon they’re going to reimagine the Time Lords (in a perfect universe). Because I feel like it. (seriously though let’s reimagine the time lords with some nice new labels and a 21st century attitude trying to figure out time lord society for the show is actually my favourite thing ever).

as far as I know and can recall, Looms are actually from the Expanded Universe canon that have been adopted by segments of the TV fandom who feel the Doctor/Time Lords are completely asexual (if not aromantic). I use these labels loosely, which I get isn’t ideal, but Time Lords/Gallifreyans (going to use these two interchangeably because I am lazy) were presented in the classic series especially as aroace, or at least ace. Similarly the family units you’re referencing are mostly based around this idea of Looming and I believe the Doctor and his “brother” Brax are technically cousins but I’m not really in the EU unless it suits me so yes, you’re correct, their family units on Gallifrey are very different to what humans would recognize.

It’s a completely valid reading of the Doctor, to see him as asexual or aromantic asexual, especially compared to the RTD-era all too common reading of the Doctor as HETEROSEXUALMAN IN LOVE WITH ROSE ONLY ROSE ALWAYS ROSE (only rose).

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