DFFL’s 32 Days of Halloween

Day 1 | On Wednesdays We Wear Black

Every Wednesday this month, we’re going to bring you something black to wear. Wearing pink on Wednesdays is so 2004. Perhaps you already wear black every day or almost every day—we know Basia does. Think of this as a way, then, to add even more of your favorite color to your wardrobe. You can never have too much black, in our (not-so) humble opinions.

For today’s Wednesday picks, we’re skewing more towards the professional realm. Those of us with day jobs need something that easily transitions from the office to the secret lair. If you’re going to be

  • taking over the world
  • performing complicated magic
  • scrying
  • sitting in a wingback chair and stroking a fluffy white cat

at the end of the day, you need to be able to come home from the office and effortlessly transition. Who has time to change clothes when there are minions to lord over? (Not us, that’s who—we’re busy over here.) As such, we’ve put together this collection—for all of your Wednesday needs. We like to think one of our style icons, Wednesday Addams, would approve.​

First up, we have this black dress with white collar we found on Ali Express for only $15.19. It had long sleeves, perfect for that fall weather (or for proving to your enemies once and for all that you are impervious to the heat and humidity that’s still hanging around, despite it being October). On the far right, we have the Thrill of Victorian top from Modcloth, for $44.99. It features a really awesome corset-style back, so be sure to look into that. We also have that skirt down there in the bottom right corner, also from Modcloth. It’s a little over budget at $59.99, but look at that lace. Look at those brooches and chain!

If you’re actually experiencing October weather wherever you are (and if you are, please send it our way), you might need some tights. We highly recommend the folks over at that tattoosocks Etsy shop. These bat-printed pantyhose are just one example of their fabulous work. (The pantyhose, if you were wondering, are $23.00.)

Last but not least, shoes. Every lady wants a pair of killer heels. There’s something about the sound of heels clicking on a pavement that speaks of power, and we are all about that life. The top pair of Oxfords we found at DSW for $40.00. If you want to go the more Wednesday Addams route, we also found this pair of Mary Janes at Payless for $30.