beethoven as a black composer is a myth. it was first theorised in 1907 or earlier (berwick sayers, “samuel coleridge-taylor, musician: his life and letters”, 203), and popularised in 1944 by j.a. rogers in “sex and race” (v. 3, 306-309), however most of his evidence is circumstantial at best, and fabricated at worst. he offers a darkened reproduction of letronne’s portrait of beethoven to contrast with a lightened portrait of clarence cameron white in his attempt to sway the reader to his point of view (v. 1, 8). however, despite descriptions of beethoven as having “negroid” characteristics (hertz, “race and civilisation”, 123, 178), he was flemish through and through, as was the rest of his family up to 1917 (macardle, “beethoven extracts”, 346-347). leading black music scholars agree that beethoven was not black (de lerma, “beethoven as a black musician” bmrj v. 10, 118-121; et al). have you considered championing the chevalier de saint-georges instead? there are lots of black composers. beethoven almost certainly wasn’t one of them. sorry.

Daphne Groeneveld 203

Still holding to my guns about stepping out of thee old comfort zone.

I wanna redo my set up. Make it more multi-media friendly. This was an old drawing I always loved but it still hadn’t sold so I said “fuck it!” It’s time to have some more fun with her. My sister and many others often encourage me to add loose splashes of color in the hair and/or other spots on the composition. My sister has sent me images that are cool to her and when I look at them I think they look dumb. Today her and I visited a couple galleries and it made me sick the crap people buy. I’m talking about these purely abstract paintings we saw. Don’t get me wrong I love a lot of purely abstract art. Kandinsky is one my all time fav artists but I feel like once a person goes purely abstract the general public doesn’t know good from bad, it’s all the same to them and/or they like it because the colors match their living rooms decor. I wanna show my sister as Prince put it, “I think I know a better way.” in Around The World In A Day