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could you post the isabela drawing that you did for the step by step tutorial?

here you go, anon! (i couldn’t resist painting over the eyes a bit)  

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Hey, so, I was wondering if maybe you could draw Clara wearing The Doctor's holy jumper? (I just kind of really need this because like, she can go around hitting The Doctor with the too long sleeves when he's an idiot)

I did draw her wearing the jumper a little while ago but I tend to not get the memo that it’s “holey” and more “there’s white circles on it”. As far as sleeve flappies go:

I mean if he’s looking for the jumper sweater then he’s not wearing it, so

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what did opal and dante look like when you first designed them? o>o

well for one thing dante looked a lot younger but curiously still scruffy

and opal?? was a weird amalgam of the mists because her design would change constantly. she used to look pretty anime tho

i honestly wish i still had the older old pictures of them, but i do have these. these old drawings are from 2012 however these two ocs are far older than that still


HideHaise week Day 1: First meetings/ Vague Memory/ Keeping Secrets

Hi everyone ! Did you liked this first doujin ? i didn’t make too many mistakes in english? i’ll be doing one short story like this for everyday, i hope you’ll look forward to it !

(( Don’t repost without authorisation

I might be posting the others late because of health reasons ))

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will you draw more pjo

if I did it would probably be just more Nico but yeah maybe lmao

Anon:Do you use any references for your drawings or do you just wing it?

you could say I wing it;; if I try to use refs for poses everything just looks even worse than before usually, but I do use refs if I have to draw objects of some sort at times

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How often do you draw on paper? What are some of your favorite drawings you've created on paper?

Rarely to be honest! I’ll sketch from time to time, but I love the convenience of digital work, and I work faster on it too. It’s more practical… and the undo button exists!

 Which is a shame, because nothing beats having made something you can hold with your hands!

I did some ink work which I quite liked that still hold up

And watercolors too!

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Slid a good sized bundle of cash into his pocket as he pressed the other close to the wall and bit into the side of his neck, pressing his hips against Lelouch's backside.

Bite the character somewhere (anywhere). See what happens.

     Had he not felt the deposit into
his pocket, the brunette would leave
with a bruise forming on his cheek.

      “Di…did you…draw blood?” It
felt that way…

“Oh but Scott...” The Hood grins at his captive, his teeth pearly white and predatory; his eyes narrowed to dangerous yellow slits. “You just look so good in red and blue…” and Scott flinches away from the man’s hand as it reaches out to slide over his shoulder; gripping suddenly and painfully with fingers like claws as The Hood leans in close, his lips nearly brushing the eldest Tracy’s ear and he whispers; “I wonder if your brothers will be the same…”

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What do you think Yellow Diamond looks like? Do a fan design of her, PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

there are plenty of theories and fan designs of yellow diamond. here’s my take!

what if the ‘diamond authority’ weren’t so much a ruthless war council, but a ruling triumvirate? more specifically, a metaphor for the trimurti from hindu mythology, who represent creation, preservation, and destruction/change!

i think yellow diamond is responsible for advancing gem creation/technology and may be more gentler than some think. here she is working on healing some gems!

you may have noticed i drew yellow with no real arms. she has no arms in the temple ceiling mural so i went with that. instead, she uses prosthetic arms kinda like peridot! i drew four cuz brahma, the trimurti god of creation, is often depicted with four.

why did i draw her to appear gentler? to be different. and because it’s more in-character if she’s the ‘diamond of creation’. this also implies the story of su could be morally ambiguous!*

but this leaves a plot hole - why were peridot and lapis so freaked when jasper mentioned yellow? idk! it’s a gap in this theory.

more thoughts:

this is the main evidence for the diamond authority theory put forth by other fans. if those figures are the diamonds, then they line up fairly well with the concepts of creation (yellow, right, sun), preservation (white, left, tending to the masses), and destruction/change (blue, middle, battle)!

i also think that lines up with peridot’s mission to reactivate kindergarten and the kind of technology she had (flasks would fix warp pads). and since peridot/jasper have yellow diamond insignias on their clothes, some think they report to yellow.

but wait! what’s that green insignia on yellow diamond’s clothing? what if the diamonds reported to another diamond - green diamond? the only ‘proof’ is how their three symbols in the ‘jailbreak’ pic are inside an even larger green triangle!

* i enjoy stories with moral ambiguity. what if there’s no clear cut ‘good’ side in steven universe? we know rose was trying to heal the corrupted gems, but without her, the crystal gems have basically been acting like trophy hunters, an arguably disgusting act! they aren’t actively pursuing rose’s original work and in effect have been running a ruthless gem prison program (beat gems unconscious and then trap and isolate them in small cages)! this is a theme i explored a bit in the ‘peridot betrayed’ mini-comic (i still need to finish).

what would a common homeworld gem think of the c-gem’s actions? what if, from the pov of a common homeworld gem, the diamond authority actually seem to be doing the ‘right’ things? remember how lapis reacted when she was finally freed? sure, the diamonds may be machiavellian (destroying planets to make more gems), but you could say the same for the c-gems!

wow!! i thought about that too much. gonna take a break and then do a few more frames of the ‘peridot searching’ animatic! happy memorial day weekend!

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How did you make your smudge guard glove? Also.. show pictures of yours? :D

I use mine mostly on the tablet, as it lets me move around more smoothly (= smoother linework!) but they work when drawing too (for me anyways). 

I’ve never tried one that you purchase through a retailer so I actually have no idea if they’re made from a special material? Socks are comfy tho, and you can find pretty hilarious prints these days.