my head hurts. every time i close my eyes i see the trivia crack wheel spinning. i hear people screaming. someone stop me . 

awackness asked:

listen if you could give me a shape and fresh corn rows or box braids you could get anything ma

Can I get a hot tub and more spins are trivia crack ?

Trivia Crack Cheats, Tips & Hack for Lives, Coins & Spins

Trivia Crack Cheats, Tips & Hack for Lives, Coins & Spins

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In memory of David Foster Wallace, who died four years ago this past Saturday, I took a look at the hip-hop book he wrote with Mark Costello. Why this guy’s undergraduate senior thesis is in-print, and not this book makes no sense at all. Used copies go for 100 bucks or more, so I also included a few of my favorite quotes from Signifying Rappers to give you a sense of what this book is like.

"Those image concepts are all Lil B. 6 Kiss was first and then, Black Ken. That’s all him. He sent these really amazing emails of art direction. They are incredible, obviously. They’re in like, all caps. When you get emails in all caps, it’s like, a different sort of thing. You know? With email and with text messaging, people get lazy with capitalization. A lot of times you just get lower case stuff. But when it’s like, all caps, that’s reserved for like, my crazy aunt, you know? Like someone who doesn’t really know what’s going on."