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OMFG THESE ARE TERRIFIC Oh my god I was not expecting anything this quality I am overwhelmed. I especially like the lower one! I love the way you drew the psionic blurs around his head; that is such a great effect.

You are so sweet; thank you so much!

The art world wants you to work in private the way our cultural icons do. I hate all of that. I used to go into the deli a block from the Brooklyn Academy of Music and ask, ‘Where’s BAM?’ The response was, 'What? I don’t know.’ And so I called someone in a high position at BAM, and told him 'By the way, your deli down there, they don’t know who you are. You’re failing at your job.’ I think it’s the wrong way to work. I made a commitment to myself that in the future I’d check out that the people within a ten-block radius knew we were in their neighborhood.

look at this its the lesbian version of bonnie and clyde 

it’s really weird thinking about the accomplishments of fictional characters in terms of what grade they would be in if they attended American public schools. Like think about it. 

Harry Potter was a sixth grader when he slayed a basilisk.

Mulan was a high school sophomore when she saved China.

when i was a high school sophomore i fainted from eating a poppyseed bagel.


firstly this is based on the ‘should you play sniper’ flowchart because i love it so much

secondly this is everything i know about all of the other tf2 classes and playing them. this is what i’ve learned in all these months of playing this game. this is all anyone needs to know about team fortress the second


So in the movie Push, there’s a scene where Chris Evans is making out with Camilla Belle and in that scene, he touches her butt. Chris Evans did not want to do that because he wanted direct permission from her to touch her butt and in the commentary, the director, Paul McGugan, called Chris “such a man” for wanting her permission and I think everyone needs to know this story.

Reading the iliad is so crazy because like alexander the great was reading this story over 2000 years ago?? he probably wrote fanfiction about achilles and patroclus and told hephaestion his headcanons?? life is absurd