My life so far has been mostly practice, practice, practice. I have stage fright, but it’s worth it to see other people smiling back.

Olivia taken at Anime North 2015!


The kids had fun making this small video on the day off school. Come on you Gunners!

Almost choked on my pizza

Adam responded to my spotify playlist and said he’s really enjoying it

I legit choked on my pizza and my dad had to come make sure I wasn’t dead

twenty one pilots, two door cinema club, and vinyl theatre were the only three artists on that playlist

those are some of my faves

and he likes them

this pleases me

pokethetriforce replied to your post : pokethetriforce replied to your post “On the…

“Which of those four people listed could be fucking things up in the multiverse?” you ask of the void. The void pats your shoulder and looks into the camera like the Office. “And then some,” the void sighs, flashing forward to chapter 200+.

I love this so much. 


The way Harry and Louis interacted in that dodge game is so telling, in my opinion. They were comfortable and looked like they forgot there were cameras at times - you just can see the way they’re aware of each other and how they seek one another all the time, how they touch and talk in such a natural way. Their relationship is simply amazing, fireproof indeed.