Happy April! The sixth official selection of Tumblr’s Reblog Book Club is here, and it’s All The Rage by Courtney Summers.

Here’s what it’s about:

The sheriff’s son, Kellan Turner, is not the golden boy everyone thinks he is, and Romy Grey knows that for a fact. Because no one wants to believe a girl from the wrong side of town, the truth about him has cost her everything–friends, family, and her community. Branded a liar and bullied relentlessly by a group of kids she used to hang out with, Romy’s only refuge is the diner where she works outside of town. No one knows her past there. But when a girl with ties to both Romy and Kellan goes missing after a party, and news of him assaulting another girl in a town close by gets out, Romy must decide whether she wants to fight or carry the burden of knowing more girls could get hurt if she doesn’t speak up.

It’s a dark and difficult book, but it’s also beautifully written, mysterious, suspenseful, and thought-provoking. Buy it here, try the library, or email your Tumblr URL to ASAP, and we’ll see what we can do ;) There’s also a great pre-order deal that comes with one of Courtney’s previous books! 

We’ll start on pub date, April 14th—more detailed info and instructions will be posted soon. We can’t wait to talk about the book, hear your stories, see your art, and show the broader reading community that we hear and believe the stories of women and girls.

It is so hard to shut voices out. People are often so fickle. So full of words with dialectical curves and you don’t know what they are all about. But you keep those words bottles up behind the fat of your tongue. And all the voices you used to hear all seem to disappear and you are left with only one.
—  (91 / 65)
con season is nearly upon us, so i have a reminder for everyone

what superheroes are really, truly about isn’t the cool gadgets or the awesome fight sequences or even the witty one liners. superheroes are about being the best version of yourself. so if you’re going to spend a day celebrating them, you better at least uphold their ideals.

you know what steve rogers would never do? sexually harass a cosplayer, no matter how revealing the costume.

you know what peter parker would never do? make a cosplayer feel bad bc they couldn’t afford a fancy, expensive costume.

you know what kamala khan would never do? take a picture of a cosplayer without asking first, or forget to thank them afterwards.

you know what thor would never do? be disrespectful to any fellow con goers or staff.

you know what carol danvers would do if she saw anyone being picked on at a con? intervene herself or get security involved.

have a great con season, everybody, and remember to act the way your faves would want you to!

this is a photoset of me and one of my best friends at a queer awards/community event this past weekend.

she’s a genderqueer pan filipinx [left] and i’m a bi/pan (cis) queerean [right].

my bestie and i were one of the youngest (if not the youngest, minus the bbs) in a room full of lots of 30-40+ queer asians. and it was so uplifting cause i don’t know about you guys but we weren’t exposed to queersians let alone older queersians growing up. and there we were, in a room of all different kinds of queersians. families, friends, fellow activists, and some allies. it was incredibly heartwarming and all kinds of amazing. 

so this goes out to all of the fellow queer asians. especially those of us who face added erasure (whether it be cause your polysexual, trans, or whatever). especially youth. and especially to those of you who are still in the closet.

i didn’t ‘come out’ until about two years ago. before that it was one part confusion, two parts self-loathing/shame, and three parts unbelievable denial. there was a time not too long ago that i believed that i could never tell anyone about my sexuality. i felt fake, phony, and irrelevant. i also felt as if i wasn’t ‘queer’ enough. i had heard all of these ‘coming out’ stories and most of them were of people who came out years before me. or had this queerpiphany in their pre-prepubescent years. even my best friend first came out in middle school (to some). i felt as if i didn’t fit in. but gradually i became more comfortable in my sexuality and i met others who supported me. with that support, i came out to more and more people. in fact, this past winter, i came out to my younger brothers. and guess what? they came out to me as well! (queerean siblings anyone?) and then after summoning every ounce of courage i had, i came out to my mama. it was emotional and incredibly nervewracking but i did it. and i survived. i’m still not out to the rest of my parents or fam but i’m getting there (after all, we all know that ‘coming out’ is not a once and done kind of deal).  i’ve never been more confident in my sexuality let alone open. i mean just yesterday, i was at a queersian event where one of the orgs i’m a part of cohosted a screening of the queer fresh off the boat episode as well as a panel at stonewall inn (talk about historical relevance). i am at a place i never thought was possible. i am surrounded by loving and supportive friends and have built a network of amazing qtpoc activists who not only are there to support me but also raise me up. it wasn’t easy getting here and i still have a long ways to go, but i got here.

now the point of me sharing all of this with you was to let you know that there is no one way or ‘right’ way to be queer. there are as many different kinds of queersians as there are asians and whoever you are, you are important. your identity is valid and your experiences are something that no one can dismiss or take away from you. and as cliché as it sounds, it gets better. it may get worse before it gets better or you may get a bigger shovel only to end up with an even bigger pile of shit, but it gets better. and you’ll find others. 

i want you to know that you are not alone. that faces like mine, my best friend’s, and yours exists out there. you’re existence alone is a testament to your strength and resilience. and if no one has told you yet, let me be the first to say that i am incredibly proud of you. 

we are here, we are queer, and we are here to stay.

“How can I get closer to the land?” People have asked. 

I sorta … get confused and dig my toe into the dirt and can’t really… I mean… er… sit … er… no… WAIT! Start a journal?

No, really… bear with me here. Use your camera phone (if you have one) a blog or something similar and write about the days and places the plant life starts to wake up. How it changes across spring, into summer, into fall. How it withers in winter, and who withers first. Take good, clear, photos of blooms, and leaves, and buds, and cankers. 

Learn the names of your local plants and wildlife. Even if you’re just copying down wiki info… you know more than you did prior to trying.  Learn which are native, which are naturalized, and which are invasive introductions. 

Document the process of befriending. Tag well. In one year your blog has become a comprehensive herbal tailored to your geography and your environment. 

But if we call ourselves misandrists, even as a joke, that still puts men at the very center of who we are. Eventually, we’re going to want an identity that doesn’t focus on men.

We can’t do it yet — they’re just too noisy, too violent, too inescapable, too dangerous especially when they think you’re not paying attention. Worse, they’re constantly training each other that they have a right to our time, our regard, our bodies. Right now, it’s not safe for us to turn our backs.

But isn’t that the goal? I want to trust men enough that I can ignore them if they’re not my friends, colleagues, or loved ones. I want to know that unless I invite them into my life, they will be truly irrelevant—that they won’t try to shout or threaten or grope or fuck or murder me into paying attention. I want us to be able to safely treat men we don’t know or care about with genuine indifference—not fear, not wariness, not conciliatory coddling, not real or ironic or semi-ironic hatred.

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Can you link us to some of the dirtiest Tom/Loki/Adam stories that you know about/have written?

Hi darling!

(This got very long, sorry.)

I’m going to link here few of my stories and I’m going to tag some of my beloved writers to throw theirs in as well, if that’s alright with you :)

One of the dirties smut ever I included in this multi-chapter work: Wretched Soul. Especially chapter 2 Gemini (face fucking, slapping, generally rough sex), chapter 9 Persephone (choking, name calling, deep throating) and chapter 11 Better Than Those Bitches Before (spanking, fighting, slapping) are smutty as hell.

Some of my one-shots that fit the criteria I guess:

Poker Night (Summary: Tom wants to make his girlfriend’s wish come true. The wish just happens to be banging Luke Evans, Michael Fassbender and Chris Evans at the same time. Absolutely shameless smut.)

The Scarf, The Cane, The Magic (Summary: Loki visits his partner at her work. Things get… dirty. Shameless smut.)

Addicted to You (Summary: Seventy years passed since Adam left Detroit with Eve. Now he comes back with his new soul mate… Trigger warning: Rough sex & bloodplay.)

Animals (Summary: Tom has some really good & pretty wild time with his girlfriend dancing in a club. Smut included.)

Whore (Tom story. Summary: Smut, smut, smut. Rough sex and dirty talk. Just the way we like it.)

It’s Coriolanus (Tom story. Summary: Shameless smut after Evening Standard Theatre Awards.)

Here is my list on one-shots for some more, if you’re interested:

And finally, my darlings, throw in your dirties works too! eve1978​, morriggannlostinfandoms, hotmenandotherdistractions, britishmenaredestroyingmylife, maxwell-demon, damageditem, xdelayedgratification, tarrysmith, neither-blue-nor-green, hiddlednlokid, rosebudwhite, a-beautifully-hiddled-disaster and I’m sure as hell forgetting tons of people and I’m so sorry for that! TAG ON! Let’s just create this precious collection of dirtiest stories ever. <3

Keep an Eye on Your Stress Levels

[Very long post alert.]

I never post any of my stand-up sets and I don’t repeat them because I use stand-up in a very selfish and specific way; the sets that I do are always changing because they’re exclusively around things that I was thinking about at the time or things that had happened to me recently. It became important to me that all my sets were locked in a specific time and place, forever, and belonged only to whomever was around. If it was a bad set, don’t worry, it’s done and you can rest easy knowing that no one else will ever be subjected to it. If it was a GOOD set, hey, cool, it’s a moment that only belongs to you, me and the other people in this club, and no one else can have it. It’s about us right now. It’s an admittedly strange approach that doesn’t put any focus on improvement, which is usually a big no no for me, but whatever. I broke my own rules and had fun.

So that’s why I don’t post stand-up online ever. BUT, RooftopComedy licensed this one set that I did which means you could potentially hear it on some comedy-streaming services that exist. And I figured if it’s already going to be out and around SOMEwhere for SOME people, I might as well release it. So below is the full text of a set I did at Michael’s rap show in May of 2014.

Keep reading

  • Emma:I've got this!
  • *does magic*
  • Regina:Easy there, Ginger Rogers.
  • Emma:Excuse me?
  • Regina:That pose you struck. Are you going to use magic, or star in The Nutcracker?
  • Emma:
  • Emma:I realize you're insulting me, but is that story real? Is there a giant mouse king I should know about?
  • Regina:Not anymore.

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Imagine Bucky keeping a journal and one day looking back to the first page and realizing just how far he's come

Today my therapist told me I should start keeping a journal to let out all of my feelings and shit. I think it’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, but Steve found out about it and thought it was a fantastic idea, so now I have a notebook with a B on the front that I’m pretty sure is marketed towards teenage girls and one of those fancy pens with blacker ink than usual. And since I already have them, I should use them.

I don’t know how to keep a journal. I never kept one before the war, but I’m not sure it would help if I had. I did a lot of things before the war I don’t know how to do now.

I’ll bet Steve is going to keep asking about it, though. So I gotta figure it out for him. Same reason I’m trying to figure out all my other shit.

It’s unsigned and undated, but Bucky remembers the day he wrote it. He remembers how trying to feel anything besides anger and fear felt like endlessly reaching for the horizon but never reaching it. Flipping through the pages, he sees how the first entries are so short and unfeeling, skeptical of the entire practice. In the beginning, he never failed to remind himself that he was trying to get better for Steve. He did everything for Steve, because he didn’t have anyone else to do anything for—including himself.

He has enough sense of self now to want to get better for his own sake. And he’s not recovered, not by any means, but from this perspective it’s easy to see how important taking that step was. And even if a lot of his emotions are still negative and hard to work through, he’s really feeling them, not viewing them as though they belong to someone else. The numbness Hydra had worked so hard to instill into him is finally starting to fade, as though after all those years in cryo he’s only just beginning to thaw.

He hears the clattering of something falling to the ground in the kitchen where Steve is supposed to be making dinner, and he lets the journal fall closed in his lap. While it’s nice to see how all of the effort he’s been putting into getting better is paying off, he doesn’t need to keep staring his demons in the face.

The future holds its own possibilities now.

April Challenge: The month about YOU

Hey it’s April! Yes! Let’s do magnificent things this month, with the help of our Heavenly Father of course. 

This challenge is all about you. We are now four months into 2015 and I have noticed that a majority of girls are still dealing with self hate, low self esteem, past mistakes, terrible friends, terrible relationships, and the list is endless.

This month, I want to challenge every single one of us to make a change - to make this month about us. You are allowed to be absolutely selfish with yourself, with your body, with your mind, with your soul. Seriously, not everyone deserves a part of you. Trust me I know. 

So I have come up with five topics for first five days of this month.

April 1st (today): Love yourself

April 2nd: Celebrate yourself

April 3rd: Forgive yourself

April 4th: Cut it off

April 5th: Start over

You can journal, make posts, tweet about it (I know I will be sharing my thoughts and verses on my account @QueenKoroye), get a group of girls together and discuss the topics. Do whatever you want to do. This challenge does not have stringent rules. I just want us to build a stronger community of like minded Christian girls. 

Good luck and I hope after the month is over, we all grow out of our bad habits and grow more into Christ.

Josephine’s weapon

Josephine’s weapon is tea.

Oh, for the nobility and diplomats, it is more likely to be a fine wine or an aged brandy, something edged and deadly. But for her friends—or those with whom she wishes to be friends—it is tea.

She learns their weaknesses, and exploits them. 

Josephine is an expert on tea, a connoisseur, understanding its nuances and applications. She knows that some teas are remedies in senses other than a healer would use them, that some are armaments that can close a wound as well as open it. She prowls the stalls of the traders, looking for both the common and the unusual, and as the roads become safer she finds a wider range, some fearsomely exotic and strange. 

One would think that Solas, who hates tea, would be the hardest challenge, but it is not so. That place falls to Leliana, who is secretive about so many things, even when there is no need for it. And so Josephine, who has found the spymaster fascinating since they first met in Val Royeaux, takes on the quest; she will discover which tea Leliana prefers—or, perhaps, which tea prefers Leliana.

—Drawing adapted from a screenshot. The writing was partly inspired by #Josephine Appreciation Month, and partly by the lovely pairings (and triplings?) of Madame Badger, and partly just appeared in my head from nowhere in particular. And, somewhat unexpectedly, I do believe this is a WIP.

“You can’t be your best self until you find your tribe.”

The name originates from the endearingly witchy song written by Stevie Nicks, and incidentally, one of the major factors that has brought us all together is a shared love of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. But the title “sister of the moon” goes far beyond the normally set bounds of a fandom. We really are, as it has been said, a “rock and roll sorority”. A network of young women who, yes, talk a lot about the band, but who also care for and support each other. I am so very grateful to know these women, even though for only a short time. There are some people in this world that you just click with, that you meet and feel as though you’ve known for a lot longer than you actually have. I can’t thank them enough for being such kind and uplifting people in my life, it means so much more than I can express in this space. They are my sisters of the moon. x

So I was rewatching ASIP for the 213,465th time the other day and I suddenly realized something. I can’t believe we’ve all been missing this for 5 years.

What does Speedy’s serve? English Breakfast. And what is in an English Breakfast?

Eggs and bacon sausage pig parts, i.e. ham.

This has been staring us in the face all along. Moftiss have talked about TPLoSH, but they didn’t want to give away the game by revealing the true source for their updating of the Holmes and Watson relationship:

We know that Sherlock is about Sherlock moving from a great man to a good one, as HeimishtheIdealHusband has discussed, and when you review Green Eggs and Ham from that perspective, Sherlock’s trajectory becomes clear. It’s all there waiting for us!

Sherlock’s life is shaken up by John Watson (aka Sam I am)

but Sherlock has always refused even to try Green Eggs and Ham indulging human sentiment.

However, his life with John Watson begins to make his emotion undeniable. The others can see it too- Mrs. Hudson, representative of his home:

Lestrade, the fox:

And of course, Jim Moriarty, driving Molly, Mary, and Mycroft along in his disaster train (holy M-Theory!):

And I don’t think I have to tell you that this page represents stag night:

 And we’re almost up to the end of series 3 with the introduction of Janine:

So— given this new revelation, where are we now? Well, we’re getting very close to the moment of truth as Jim drives everyone off the cliff:

…and that will bring us closer than other to Sherlock’s emotional revelation:

And Sherlock and John, together forever:

I am so excited to share this interpretation with you guys, and I hope you agree that it gives us a whole new insight into Sherlock. Looking forward to series 4!

I don’t know about the rest of the country but in the Midwest it’s one of those first real Spring days where the temperature is perfectly temperate, there’s a soft wind that’s kicking up the all the spring smells and the sun hits your face just right, especially this time in the afternoon…and it all just kind of makes you wanna moan a little when you step outside. Submitted by Bernard Capulong

Last summer, we teamed up with our friends at Broquet to curate a slick, capable “starter kit” of everyday carry essentials in The Utilitarian. If you’ve been meaning to start your own EDC but don’t know where to begin, we want to help you join the fun by offering The Utilitarian at a $10 discount for the next 10 days using code EDCKIT at checkout. You can learn more about how we made it easy to transition to an all-bases covered EDC after the jump.


We wanted to deliver a starter kit that would be helpful for someone completely new to EDC, but also one that highlights some solid, lesser known brands for veteran EDCers alike. By focusing on the two most common essentials, the wallet and keys, we’ve made it easy to transition into starting a great EDC — one that’s functional and streamlined. 

The Machine Era Wallet carries your essential cards and some cash using an elegantly simple elastic band in a lightweight, durable aluminum frame that’s as tough as you are. Slip that into your front pocket and it (along with your back pain from sitting on a bulky wallet) just disappears.

The rest of the utility is concentrated in the keychain setup. A lightweight, locking carabiner is easy to clip onto a belt loop and secure enough to hold your keys and the rest of your new EDC gear. Tons of functionality are crammed into the Gerber Dime, one of the best micro multi-tools around. It’ll save the day when you’re cracking open a few cold ones, doing some quick repairs around the house or getting through frustrating retail blister packages.

To round out the kit and cover the rest of your bases, we included a dedicated LED flashlight (its battery lasts much longer than your phone will) and a keychain pen/stylus for all those times you had to ask to borrow a pen. The all-black kit sports a sleek, no-frills, mysteriously cool look that’ll turn heads even before it gets down to business.

Okay so I want to take a step back and talk about the Cas/Colette thing that happened at SeaCon this past weekend because I have seen some posts about how Jared probably didn’t understand what parallels the asker was talking about.

I will be the first one to say how sometimes in the Destiel fandom we overanalyze and see all these references and parallels in many things in the episodes. There is no denying that and there is nothing wrong with it either. Sure, Jared and all the other cast members probably don’t know half of the references that those of us in the fandom talk about. They don’t have the time to sit here and scroll through tumblr and research metas. Frankly they are just to busy.

But what I don’t think some people understand is that Colette was specifically added to the show’s plot line for once reason: to be Cain’s wife and love of his life. That’s it. End of story. You never hear her being talked about outside of that context. The fact of the matter is, whether you see it or not, any parallel made from Cas to Colette will always have a love-like context because that is what Colette represents, love.  

Jared is the type of actor, I believe, that gets in to all aspects of his job. He likes to talk about all the different kinds of things that go one behind the scenes. He did it at SeaCon, admiring the writers for putting in said parallels of all kinds in the script. The fact that Colette was only ever introduced as Cain’s wife and love makes me wonder what these people think are the other contexts of her character?

I do not think Jared is dumb. I think he is just as capable in seeing Colette’s purpose in the story. And that is what this show is. A story. So is it really that farfetched to think that Jared would be able to make the connection between Cas and Colette, like the asker had said? As I have said multiple times, Colette was only the lover of Cain whom he had to kill. Which is terribly sad.

I guess what I am getting at here is what other context do people think Jared meant when he answered that question? Because I just see any other explanation as to why he wouldn’t be able to make that connection. It is the simplest parallel that we have.

TL;DR - I think Jared knew exactly what was meant by the Cas/Colette question. I don’t think he is an idiot. He knows the goings on in the fandom.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Wrap-Up

This one won’t be nearly as long as the one for G-Reco, mainly because I have nothing bad to say about the show. Everything was flawless - the animation was very good (maybe not G-Reco good but good none-the-less) and it never seemed to fluctuate in quality, all the characters were likeable, and the soundtrack was great. It had plenty of easter eggs in for Gundam fans (because, y’know - that ending!), and did a nice job of teasing us with characters from the past while never letting them steal the spotlight from the new protagonists. Yeah, sometimes it was a bit predictable, but this isn’t the show for twist, turns, and M Night Shyamalan endings - it’s a simple, feel good show and never pretends to be anything else.

I’d go as far as to say this may be my favourite Gundam series. 1/1 star. Go Fight.