I forgot why I quit the bowl in the first place I don’t have the patience to play games with these self entitled fucking babies

Goddamn waste of time I’d rather just wait till I get me some business cause waiting on that’s already stressful enough without having to step on eggshells in fear of scaring off some POT by mentioning money too quickly or accidentally hurting their goddamn Babies R Us feelings 😒

I’ll make my own money.
Buy my own shit.
Men are too unreliable to know what I want/like anyway.

The garden of Gethsemane // The place where Jesus wept. Gethsemane means oil press. In the time of Christ (as it still is now) it was filled with Olive trees. Located next to the garden was an Oil press where Olive Oil was made. Just as the olives where crushed, Jesus was for you and me. I bawled my eyes out. He did it for all of humanity. He thought of me. He pleaded with God three times to stop His inevitable future. He is such a beautiful saviour. No words can explain His grace, mercy and compassion on us all.

okay enough of that posi vibes from now on

hey guess what guys im moving out tomorrow and im gonna KICK ASS and learn how 2 screen print and read a million books and learn french and be a freaky alien babe and kiss weirdos and take road trips to new orleans at least once a year and dye my hair any color i want and make wonderful grades and meet people who are nothing like the stuffy art school kids i’ve known and im gonna fill up a million sketchbooks and a million diaries and i;m going to meditate in the forest and wear sweaters and write so many poems that maybe i’ll finally put a book together and im going to make really great friends and be generally fly as hell from this point forward goodbye