Since I haven’t seen a TF2 Ship list which includes ships names for every class combination yet, I took it upon myself to combine all the names out there into one big list for all your tagging needs :D I hope you guys find this list helpful!

Scout ships

Scout: scoutcest

Pyro: flash fire/weenie roast

Soldier: batting helmet

Engineer: Texas two step

Demoman: hop scotch

Heavy:heavy hitters

Medic: blunt trauma

Sniper: speeding bullet/Coffee n Soda

Spy: little wine/cloak and batter

Pyro ships

Scout: flash fire/weenie roast

Pyro: pyrocest

Soldier: fireworks/hot rockets

Engineer: Texas toast/erecting the flames of passion with a literal twist

Demoman: Molotov/ Molotov cocktail

Heavy: hot n heavy

Medic: burn ward/hot pocket

Sniper: bushfire/hot shots

Spy: French toast/French fries/spyro

Soldier ships

Scout: batting helmet

Pyro: fireworks/hot rockets

Soldier: sollycest/rocket hoppers

Engineer: helmet party

Demoman: boots n bombs

Heavy: cold war

Medic: fruit scones

Sniper: American aviators

Spy: freedom fries

Engineer ships

Scout: texas two step

Pyro: Texas toast/erecting the flames of passion with a literal twist

Soldier: helmet party

Engineer: engiecest

Demoman: short fuse

Heavy: heavyneer/heavy metal

Medic: science party/German engineering

Sniper: trucks n vans/Outback Steakhouse

Spy: napoleon complex

Demoman ships

Scout: hop scotch

Pyro: Molotov/Molotov cocktail

Soldier: boots n bombs

Engineer: short fuse

Demoman: democest

Heavy: Black Russian

Medic: Jaegerbombs

Sniper: explosive shots/explosive headshots/swordvan/piss drunk

Spy: bomb voyage

Heavy ships

Scout: heavy hitters

Pyro: hot n heavy

Soldier: Cold War

Engineer:heavyneer/heavy metal

Demoman: Black Russian

Heavy: heavycest

Medic: Red Oktoberfest/birds and bears/heavy medicine

Sniper: Vegemite sandvich

Spy: spoovy/red gauloises

Medic ships

Scout: blunt trauma

Pyro: burn ward/hot pocket

Soldier: fruit scones

Engineer: science party/German engineering

Demoman: jaegerbombs

Heavy: Red Oktoberfest/birds and bears/heavy medicine

Medic: medicest/double dosage

Sniper: bush medicine/vanbulance/urine sample

Spy: gentle surgery/poison dagger/andouille

Sniper ships

Scout: speeding bullet/Coffee n Soda

Pyro: bush fire/hot shots

Soldier:American aviators

Engineer: trucks n vans/Outback Steakhouse

Demoman: explosive shots/explosive headshots/swordvan/piss drunk

Heavy: Vegemite sandvich

Medic: bush medicine/vanbulance/urine sample

Sniper: snipercest

Spy: bloody suit/spyper/great barrier thief/knife party/French kisses down under

Spy ships

Scout: little wine/cloak and batter

Pyro: French toast/French fries/spyro

Soldier: freedom fries

Engineer: napoleon complex

Demoman: bomb voyage

Heavy: spoovy/red gauloises

Medic: gentle surgery/poison dagger/andouille

Sniper: bloody suit/spyper/great barrier thief/knife party/French kisses down under

Spy: spycest/hide and seek

Classes/non-class characters

Scout/Miss Pauling: caught looking

Scout/Saxton Hale: batmann

Soldier/Merasmus: magic missiles

Sniper/Maggie: outback affair/Saxton’s bane

OT3 Ships

Soldier/Pyro/Scout: Offensive orgy

Engineer/Heavy/Demo: defense debauchery

Sniper/Spy/Medic: Support sandvich

Medic/Heavy/Scout: putting up with the brat

Medic/Heavy/Sniper: beaux and arrows

Medic/Heavy/Spy: KG rie

Sniper/Engie/Pyro: hot rods

Sniper/Engie/Spy: slashed tires

Scout/Engie/Soldier: miss American pie

Pyro/Medic/Engie: phosphorus

Pyro/Engineer/Soldier: safety first

Heavy/Spy/Demo: mixed drinks

Medic/Medic/Anyone: double dosage

Sniper/Maggie/Saxton Hale: Australiancest/Australianfest


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Addie Joss*, the last pitcher to no-hit the same team twice. Joss threw 74 pitches in his October 1908 perfect game against the White Sox and then shut down the Sox again in April 1910.

Tim Lincecum threw two no-nos against the Padres in 347 days (July 13, 2013 and June 25, 2014)

* Joss died in April 1911 from meningitis and held a career record of 160-97 with a 1.89 ERA, second best ever behind “Big Ed” Walsh, 1.82. Joss holds the record for career WHIP, .97. The National Baseball Hall of Fame waived the ten playing seasons requirement for Joss in 1977 and he was elected to the Hall in 1978.

Via Wikipedia


Heroes cannot be heroes without villains, but not just any ordinary ones… Which heavy hitter would be best suited for Justice League? When you’ve got a team of powerhouses, you need a significantly amped-up foe. Luckily, the DC universe will be filled with the aforementioned thanks to Suicide Squad, but even Deadshot and Joker don’t have the power and expertise to go up against the Super Friends. There have been many speculations as to who the antagonist(s) could be for the upcoming two-part movie, but here are some who deserve the limelight. As most nerds know, Doomsday is stronger than Kal-El, possessing an immeasurable level of strength and invulnerability. Of course, there’s more than one way to defeat such a being, but it takes a huge amount of resources and effort to even face this monster. Like Ultron, Doomsday disregards life, so he is a worthy opponent. Also similiar to the upcoming Avengers baddie is Brainiac, though the latter is far more menacing, posing a universal threat. Another immensely powerful being, Parallax could create a situation in which we see other heroes pitted against each other, giving viewers a pseudo-Flashpoint. This guy is much too encompassing to remain as a Green Lantern foe and should deliver a League beatdown. Obviously, Darkseid has to be included, as he is a bonafide killing machine that commands an army and has access to Omega Beams. This guy is so bad that the creators actually based him off of Adolf Hitler. Who doesn’t wanna see Hitler’s ass get whooped? Lastly, the one who has the potential to change the universe… Is Anti-Monitor, the direct cause of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Anyone powerful enough to cause Darkseid to ally with the League is just… Sheesh. Anti-Monitor could be the ultimate test for the League and a proper closing of the franchise.

Unite, by Jeff Cruz, Angelo Nardone, Drew Fitzgerald, and Royce Southerland.

context: the setting was a home-brew with steampowers. The heavy hitter was a 2 foot insane gnome in an 8 foot battle suite, he thinks he is a knight. The group also had a tefling necromancer played by one of my best friends, also one of the most terrifying person I have ever met. He was interrogating a goblin on the location of a magic item. Since he had low intimidation I said if he could articulate a threat well enough I would let the goblin be intimidated. 

Necromancer:(proceeds to give the most bone chilling speech i have ever heard, everyone at the table just stared at him in shock and horror.) 

in the silence

Gnome:…I’m a Knight!

Necromancer ooc: GODDAMIT JOE! throwing his hand up and stalking from the table.

Sports Rant!

In my quest to change some words:

Enough of the term “no-no” for no-hitters in baseball.  They’re no-hitters.  F'ing call it what it is.  That term makes me cringe, like the words moist and panties do to a girl I know.

And hey, have you ever heard of something called of a four-run homer?  It exists.  Doubt that the term has ever been used.  So the first ESPN asswipe that uses this, I’m taking full credit.

On an unrelated note, I haven’t had any alcohol today…

One's an anomaly, two's a pattern

Justin Verlander came one walk short of a perfect game. He’s got two no-nos, and when dialing down means throwing 98 mph instead of his usual 101 mph, he just might have it in him to do his legacy a solid and throw a perfect game.

Verlander possesses freakish arm strength, blowing a 100 mph fastball past Rajai Davis on his 106th pitch.

It’s easy to forget how young, or how good, Verlander is. I remember meeting him in the elevator of the Adams Mark hotel in St. Louis in 2006, a day before giving the World Series away to the Cardinals with an error-prone outing. Him, Nate Robertson and Jeremy Bonderman were all giddy goose asses, clutching a brown paper bag and snickering. He was too young to party with veteran lefty Kenny Rogers, a true nice guy despite his cameraman incident in Texas. Rogers was old enough to meet and greet fans with a nice glass of whiskey in the hotel lobby.

Verlander shook our hands and said, just a sec, I need to call my mom and tell her I’m OK. He was 23, two years removed from being the second overall pick of the 2004 draft.

Look at him now, all grown up, and still without a Cy Young. With his power fastball, a sharp curve and durability, we may have found the heir to the Ryan Express. Five more no-no’s to go and we’ve got ourselves a future Hall of Famer.