As most comic fans are aware, the success of an adaptation can prove to be a game changer for a superhero and his/her standing in the comic universe; any little exposure can result in minor characters becoming heavy hitters overnight. Black Panther is one who hasn’t always been properly utilized, so the upcoming film may finally alert the public to one fundamental truth about the Wakandan; for all intents and purposes, T’Challa is the answer to the Dark Knight, Batman. Bruce shares similarities with many Marvel properties. For instance, Daredevil immediately comes to mind. When it comes to avenging loners who coincidentally have over 9000 sidekicks and are suffering from overexposure, Batman and Wolverine are practically twins. However, in terms of skills and personality, T’Challa is arguably the Caped Crusader’s equivalent more so than any other. They’re two men born into wealth and privilege. Both heroes are haunted by the murder of their parents, fueling them to be champions of their respective kingdoms. The two are prodigies who strive to be the pinnacle of excellence in every field possible: science, business, and martial arts. However, unlike Iron Man, their primary motivation isn’t hubris; both are driven. While both dark knights are exceptional warriors, it’s strategic maneuvering that earns them respect, besting the likes of Lex Luthor, Kingpin, Doctor Doom, and Darkseid; anyone familiar with any of those four understands defeating even one is a monumental accomplishment. It’s also interesting to note that they’re not the best at what they do (that honor goes to Logan, obviously), but neither has to be the best ‘cause they will always strive to be the best, using resources in every conceivable manner to meet their objectives. It goes without saying that Batman is and always will be a major player, but Black Panther would serve as an equally important addition to the Avengers. Age of miracles, indeed.

Why Black Panther is Marvel’s Answer to Batman, by drupkins.

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This is the article that called Karlie a well-known switch hitter (bisexual). I don't normally believe most stuff in gossip blogs, but since I was aware of the Karlie gay/bi rumors prior to kaylor, it doesn't surprise me that this article mentions this. theimproper(.)com/115888/fast-taylor-swift-karlie-kloss-kissed/

Thank you 😀 I knew it was out there


  • Full name is Alexandra Morgan Carrasco
  • Nicknames are “Al” or “Ali”
  • Married professional soccer player Servando Carrasco, currently of the Sporting Kansas City, on Dec. 31, 2014
  • Named to the 2015 Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 in Sports
  • Graduated in December 2010, a full semester early, with a degree in political economy
  • Appeared in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in body paint and in the 2014 issue in swimsuits
  • Walked in the Just Dance 4 runway show during New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2012 and would love to have the experience again
  • Enjoys shopping
  • Enjoys doing Vinyasa Yoga and spin classes, and especially enjoys FlyWheel
  • Supports Barcelona but enjoys watching all good soccer
  • Enjoys playing and watching tennis, especially the majors
  • Enjoys snowboarding and wakeboarding
  • Lettered in track for two years in high school, running the 100-meter, the 200-meter and competing in the high jump
  • She also played volleyball in high school, in which she lettered twice, and was a right outside hitter but had to stop playing due to soccer commitments
  • Studied in Madrid in the summer of 2009 and speaks a bit of Spanish
  • Has a license to drive a motorcycle, but doesn’t
  • Obsessed with the number 13
  • Favorite TV shows are “Modern Family” and “The Amazing Race.”

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Karlie kloss, a known switch hitter in the fashion industry

kate youareinloves, a known crier when she remembers this quote

Nothing like the low key racism of baseball writers casually writing sentences like

Tabata, a putatively 25-year-old slap hitter, had just posted a .282/.342/.429 batting line…

for no other reason than because its socially acceptable to backhandedly question the age of latin american players based solely on the fact that they are latin american.

It’s not even like the player in this particular example is a new player or anything, he’s been playing some level of pro ball since he was a teenager


This Time The World Gets Pitched Slapped!! 
☛ Pitch Perfect 2 Play NOW

Pitch Perfect 2 was directed by Elizabeth Banks and stars Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Skylar Astin and Anna Camp. The Barden Bellas are at their highest, when they perform for the president and Fat Amy gives him a show of his life it brings them back to the bottom. Trying to make their way back to the top while juggling real life, will they be able to beat Das Sound Machine? Enjoy it NOW!!

Elizabeth Banks makes her directing debut with a sequel that’s funnier than the last film and even more knowing, with a central plot in which a cappella group the Bellas have changed from underdogs to big hitters who can only disappoint. Visually, Banks’ direction lacks energy, but she has faultless comic timing, and the script this time around is more tuned to the individual talents of an excellent cast. A glut of sub-plots sometimes smother the central story, but the whole is never less than great fun. If this is the Bellas’ last encore, they’re going out with a hit.

Happy Watching..

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If toni will be spotted doing some pda the way Cara and MRod did, therefore things will heat up and Toni and Karlie's former somewhat intimate relationship will be questioned and speculated as well. Hmmmmm a friendly reminder, guess time it's to get a new beard Joshie 😉

Lmao. Yup! I had this thought yesterday, like, won’t every person Toni’s ever been with be looked at now? Lol. Karlie is absolutely on that list. However, and I’m not certain on this, so if someone has the link, please comment it…Wasn’t there an article that mentioned Karlie being a “switch hitter”? I don’t know why, but I recall about two months or so ago, someone posted it. I could be wrong though. Its been so busy lately. I WANT TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR, IDK THAT THIS HAPPENED, SO PLEASE, DON’T GET MAD AND SAY I START RUMOURS. But if that article does exist, please just post it.


oh my god im laughing so hard, ok so I was in a friend safari trying to see if i can catch any modest+anticipation female eevee with my gardevoir

and i wasn’t really paying attention to the screen (i only look down if i hear eevee’s cry) but i heard /2/ shiny sparkle sounds (my gardy is shiny so i only expect to hear one) and i look down and i guess i got myself a shiny aipom LOL

Addie Joss*, the last pitcher to no-hit the same team twice. Joss threw 74 pitches in his October 1908 perfect game against the White Sox and then shut down the Sox again in April 1910.

Tim Lincecum threw two no-nos against the Padres in 347 days (July 13, 2013 and June 25, 2014)

* Joss died in April 1911 from meningitis and held a career record of 160-97 with a 1.89 ERA, second best ever behind “Big Ed” Walsh, 1.82. Joss holds the record for career WHIP, .97. The National Baseball Hall of Fame waived the ten playing seasons requirement for Joss in 1977 and he was elected to the Hall in 1978.

Via Wikipedia

A Phoney Number

This was a fic written for bubblebuttbarakat as part of the phanficexchange!! I was a pinch hitter as the original writer dropped out but honestly i was so stoked to write this fic omg

Summary: 17 year old Dan finally works up the courage to ask his crush for his number, except his crush is an asshole and the number reaches a sympathetic stranger instead.

Word count: 5120

A/N: just about the lamest title i’ve ever come up with. fyi, the fic becomes something losely based on 2009!phan + it requires a lot of pictures that will hopefully show up on all devices (otherwise it won’t make much sense oops)

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you are making me really want to start watching leverage, and i don't even know what leverage /is/ not really (although apparently it has christian kane, and i did like him in angel)


like honestly do it. just do it. there is no good reason not to watch leverage. leverage is so fun! it’s about bad guys sometimes making the best good guys, and found families, and sticking up for the little guy, and loving people for who they are, and making a difference, and STEALING STUFF. the main characters are a) the best thief in the world, who is terrible at people; b) the best hacker in the world, who is terrible at focus; c) the best hitter in the world, who is terrible at feelings; d) the best grifter in the world, who is terrible at self-awareness; and e) well, okay, nate ford, who is admittedly the worst. but one cannot see light without the contrast of the darkness! nate ford is the big ol’ drunken pile of terrible that illuminates the shining glory of the rest of the team. THEY ARE ALL SO WONDERFUL, except for nate who is terrible but who some people probably like i guess, AND IT IS WONDERFUL TO WATCH TELEVISION ABOUT THEM. 

they run cons! on bad people! for good reasons! they grow and change as individuals and as a family over all five seasons, all of which are so! much! fun! hardison has too much beautiful heart to fit inside of his beautiful body! eliot pretends to be mr. nofeelings and he’s laughably awful at it! parker’s character arc is one of the best things i have ever seen on television, ever, in my whole life! SOPHIE IS TERRIFYING AND IT’S INCREDIBLE. do they occasionally do and say things that are not so great? yes, obviously, of course they do, especially in the first season which was filmed back in ye olde ancient times of 2008, nothing is perfect, life is a rich tapestry, etcetera, etcetera. but honestly leverage gets so FEW things wrong, in the scheme of things, that it’s almost hard to believe. that you will find yourself wanting to mail copies of episodes to the writers of other tv shows that you watch with notes attached saying “see??? SEE?? it IS possible to make things entertaining while NOT simultaneously making them horrible, and you can never again convince me that it isn’t.” 

do it. watch leverage. you will laugh. you will cry. you will think about eliot spencer every time you cook anything as well as upon setting foot in any grocery store. you will never be able to look at or eat a pretzel again without having to take a deep breath and steady yourself against the rush of associated emotions. you will forget you ever shipped anything at all in this world except the ot3 that the show more or less ships with you! you will probably at some point relate more strongly with this image than you ever have before in your life

but that’s okay. it is more than worth it. watch leverage. do it. you won’t be sorry.

Sports Rant!

In my quest to change some words:

Enough of the term “no-no” for no-hitters in baseball.  They’re no-hitters.  F'ing call it what it is.  That term makes me cringe, like the words moist and panties do to a girl I know.

And hey, have you ever heard of something called of a four-run homer?  It exists.  Doubt that the term has ever been used.  So the first ESPN asswipe that uses this, I’m taking full credit.

On an unrelated note, I haven’t had any alcohol today…

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Pertaining Sign-ups:

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