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Flower Boy

Description: Due to certain circumstances, Dan Howell along with his mother and step dad end up moving to a new little town. Here Dan thankfully meets some new friends along with some new enemies. Nothing his witty comebacks and sarcastic attitude cant handle. But he’s pretty sure he has nothing that could have prepared him for the one and only Philip Lester. The only person who can make Dan want to rip his hair out while simultaneously make his heart leap 50 feet in the air. (Pastel!Dan & BadBoy!Phil)

Warning!: Strong language is used in this fanfiction! Both curse words and some slur terms are used that may be triggering to some readers!

A/N: *slight sexual themes slight sexual themes slight sexual themes

Chapter 7

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I know I’m a few hours late to this party, but for all that the idea of Aeneas!Marius is hilarious to me, the Trojan Cycle character I actually most identity Marius with is Telemachus.

Massive absent (soldier) dad issues, chafes at the fact that people won’t take him seriously because he is young and awkward, seems generally incompetent but actually shows surprising promise, unexpectedly good at killing people.

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Name: Lisa
Nicknames: Teddy, the fucking pervy weirdo over there, immaculate lamb
Birthday: September 9th
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: ace
Favorite Color: pastel ones
Time and Date at the current moment: 00:49 27/04/2015
Average hours of sleep: still not enough, around 7-8
Lucky Number:9
Last thing I Googled: love live game download
First word that comes to mind: lettuce
One place that makes me happy: my bed
How many blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite fictional character: Tsukiyama Shuu seems to have dethroned Shizuo…
Favourite Books/Anime/TV Show: prob Tokyo Ghoul idrk
Favorite Food: everything that has no cheese
Last Movie I’ve seen in cinema: i don’t remember
Dream Vacation: w/ friends in a sunny place
Dream Wedding: none
Dream Job: French teacher in Japan

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Obama invites “Luther” his anger translator to the White House correspondents dinner.