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That photoset is total bs. Lily Evans would not be a feminist. Feminists are stupid and obnoxious.

I’m just going to stare at this with wide eyes and pursed lips for a minute, before shaking my head sadly at your generalizations, hoping you get educated on feminism and going on with my life.

I have been told that seven years ago, before glee and modern family and transparent and orange is the new black, one poll showed that only eighteen percent of Americans believed that a gay or non-traditional family was entitled to equal rights. Today, that number has grown to fifty-two percent. That is a great change, it is a great victory.
—  Ryan Murphy, during his acceptance speech at the Family Equality Council LA Awards Dinner 2015 [x]

Stop with these articles that speak about how there are realities we /have/ to accept with the cosplay community. Such as, “fat” people trying to cosplay, black cosplayers Cosplaying characters that are not their skin tone. If you want to make an article like this, don’t be negative.

Yes, people not thin will cosplay, and will look good.
I’m not sorry that black cosplayers look ten times better than the original character.
A man can cosplay a female just like a female can cosplay a male.
Your height shouldn’t stop you from Cosplaying your favorite character.
If you don’t have the money now, save up, work on the simple parts of the character. Casual cosplays exist. Have fun doing a fashion montage as the character! Why not!

We have the pageant cosplayers vs. comedy vs. builders

No. We’re all cosplayers. Some compete, some build and others do the videos we laugh at all the time and skits we love so much. All in all were all doing the same thing, getting in costume and being nerds.

I’m tired of sensing the tension on con floors. Some cosplayers walk around thinking they’re better than everyone else and that’s my okay. You’re no better than me, or anyone else.

You might have more skill than me or the others but with practice well also be in the same “league” as you.

Cosplay is for fun. Let it be that way. Don’t worry about others, make friends, make memories, and just have so much fun that you’ll want to go to that con next year!