The lovely @ChristinaPerri just released #TheWordsMusicVideo featuring #OnceUponATime’s @ColinODonoghue1! Watch here: 


If this casting call is accurate - and it very well might not be - it seems to confirm that not only will the plot of MCU Civil War mirror the catalyst for the comic book Civil War, but also confirms the role of Daniel Bruhl and the return of Frank Grillo. And verifies Anthony Mackie’s previous statements about a five-month shoot schedule.

you know what would be great?

if a year or two down the road, fury discovers that it’s STEVE who’s the huge pain in his ass, not tony.

tony’s getting his shit together and mellowing out and, sure, he sasses fury and the government every so often, but most of his real arguing happens with steve

but steve is a nightmare. yeah, he’s polite and respectful—if he agrees with you. if he disagrees, he’ll crawl up your ass and set up camp, and he can usually talk the other avengers around to his side. he snaps at the paparazzi and threatens them. he gets in brawls at bars every single time he goes out. he gets in arguments with people on social media and always winds up calling out the hosts of the television programs he appears on, the self-righteous son of a bitch

he comes out as bisexual and pretty much does everything in his power to obliterate the public perception that he’s in any way repressed or old fashioned. one time he even gets in a fight with the president at the goddamned White House State Dinner because of an offhanded comment he makes about women’s pay being equal already

steve’s more trouble than all the other avengers combined.


A Lot Can Happen In Six Weeks #2A Little Payback

She wakes to someone pounding on the door. It is loud and it is jarring and she is immediately pulled out of her blissful slumber. She’s about to get up to yell at whoever it is that’s ruined the first good sleep she’s had in weeks when an arm comes around her middle, pulling her into the warm body that’s curled around her.

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Someone did it!! It is really beautiful, you must watch it.