you’d be sad, too, if someone cut your shoulders off.

#i’d osculate your curves any day.#or let you osculate mine.#i’m content with whatever vector the statistics sexts take.

OKAY BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, IS THIS NOT DELTA . When he experiments in the bedroom (when he does anything anywhere) he fucking experiments. Everything he does is Baconian. When trying to achieve something he 1. devises as many methods as possible for achieving the best result possible and 2. deduces which strategy would be most efficient. He strives for 100% optimization in all endeavors.

He has (multiple!) social strategies (that he is open to modifying for exceptional scenarios!), he has algorithms for caring. He probably has algorithms for making fun of York and has probably worked harder on them than he would like to admit.

He is relentless to his own thoughts and is no less relentless in York’s head. No belief goes unchallenged, no biases uncriticized, synonyms are a lie settle for nothing less than the mot juste unless accessibility calls for it and no theories go untested. 

And rvb gives me a scene where Delta expresses a belief and York, YORK, says to Delta, “Let’s test that theory.” 


Some people asked me if I could post some pictures of myself and there you go Hope you didn’t have a heart attack when you saw them xD

I took them today, I went out this morning and when I cameback I took my cat and posed with him, he looks fabulous doesn’t he?…His name is Agri btw <3 he is 2 years old and he was born at home btw ;;u;; I’m his mommy.

Gosh…I look so bad…I’m posting this because you guys were curious >3> 

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This is the website that believed the Earth was shaped almost like a potato, and that you could get infinite chocolate if you cut a bar of it in the right way. Oh course they'll believe a gifset with fake subtitles.

Yeah yeah, I know. It was naive of me to believe that maybe, just maybe they’ve learned their lesson. Alas.

I find it hilarious that people worship Miyazaki so much and treat him like this unquestionable god whose every word is sacred and deserves an applause and yet… they don’t even bother to watch that documentary about him (you can even get it in english now). Hell, it’s not even about people who reblog those posts - it happens, sometimes when I’m not careful enough I fall for these things too - but those who project their own feelings onto his words, interpret them in a way that fits whatever they believe to be true and then add some long-winded commentary about the most ~problematic~ aspects of the industry. Come on.



For years I’ve heard the same words over and over again andagain. “Any cute boys at school/work?” “What about this guy? He’s nice.” “You don’t want to be single forever.” For the longest time I thought those words were important, that I needed to make them stop somehow, but I could never find “the right guy.” I couldn’t find any at all, I wasn’t ever interested in any of them. But those words always made me think that I was just missing something. That one day some prince charming would just show up and it’d be some chick flick happy ending. But over time those words just got heavier and heavier, and no matter how much I protested or dodged questions they always came back.

One day I learned a new word. Asexual. This one word made all those heavy words seem weightless. Everything started to come into focus, and the more I studied the word, the more things made sense. I learned that other’s shared similar experiences, with family and friends always telling them they’ll find some significant other to complete them someday. Like me, these people had found this new word and had come together to share their experiences and help each other overcome the heaviness of what their loved ones often say to them. Sometimes the words are still heavy, but I’ve found new words to help lighten the load.

It's been such a long time since I read Don't Tell Cougar that it's almost like I'm reading a fic written by someone else.

I’ve sort of forgotten what it actually looked like, you know? Especially when it comes to phrasing and word choice etc. And with the risk of sounding extremely arrogant: I had no idea it was this good.

Breaking news:

So the Hall Director from the hall I interviewed at called me today. She apologized for having not called earlier when they said they would.
They haven’t made a decision yet because some of the decision makers got sick and were out this week. She instead was calling to see if I knew the Director of Housing and if I didn’t I should come in and meet her. But since I do know her I’m fine. They are down to the final 3 candidates, she just wanted to make sure we all had met the Director.
So even though I’d given up on the job, I’M APPARENTLY NOT OUT OF THE RUNNING YET. HAHA!

Apparently me claiming we’re not going to talk about it means that you guys want to talk about it. 



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Dang I’m about to be 20 in a week and I started feeling old when I talked to some of the people on here lol. Well, good to know I’m not the grandma of the pack (but you know everyone loves the pack granny cuz she is wonderful and wise and fierce and insightful and writes so amazingly it stuns me sometimes) 

[x] Your insults and compliments are tied very closely together there. I’m watching you.


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Wow. You’re gonna be twice my age…whoops. (that was not meant to be disrespectful actually I’m amazed cause you’re still awesome.) 30! Not poking a sleeping bear right? XD

[x] Yet another comment I’m not sure how to take. “You’re still awesome”? Like I’m a freak of nature for not losing all my awesomeness by now? Hmmm. I’m watching you, too. Whoever you are.


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There’s nothing wrong with turning 30 next birthday, m’dear. Hell, reaching EACH birthday’s a milestone to celebrate with parades, dancing, elephants, doves, general tomfoolery and shenanigans. Take it from someone who knows. Just keep being awesome and you’ll be fine. I’m an expert at tomfoolery and shenanigans. :)

[x] I like you the best right now.

And I guess you can’t go wrong with elephants and doves.


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What’s being an adult? *flutters out your window with pixie dust or whatever* *falls*

This dumb thing that you pretend to totally have the hang of because everyone else is pretending, too, and you have to make phone calls and do your own taxes and buy groceries. But then you also get to eat irresponsible things for dinner and take trips on your own and make some money if you’re lucky.

Overall, I recommend a holding pattern around college age. You get to do the fun stuff and avoid most of the annoying responsibility stuff. Try to stop aging right around there, if you can help it.

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*nervous laughter* it’s fine!!! you’re going to be fine !! !!! we’  re ALL fine !!!!!!!!!!  I’m SUPER FUCKING FINE !!!!!

oh my— the update’s just hit me & i— i actually love it??
everything is so aesthetically pleasing & it’s nowhere near the hassle
it was made out to be ( no one is surprised ).
in other news, i’ll be sort of here but sort of writing an essay on the pivotal discoveries of Hippocrates. catch me on skype whilst i chip away at drafts & this essay that i am surprisingly adoring writing !! — papa medicine !!