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10x21 coda

Sam can barely see through the rain, it’s in his eyelashes and it’s pushing his hair in his face and all he can make out is the big, red sign of the motel. 

He thinks, We’re too late, before he even sees the busted door.

He throws a look at Dean, who is definitely thinking the same thing. Their hands are shaking as they hold their guns up superfluously. Knowing what they’re going to find inside makes Sam just want to turn around and go back to the bunker.

But they don’t.

They follow the trail of blood to the bathroom.

And find Charlie, covered in blood.

Holding a knife. Smirking. The Frankenstein dude dead in the bathtub. 

“Buckleming can suck my dick,” is the only thing she says before stabbing the guy one more time for good measure.

The cursed shirt.

Okay friends, story time.

So you see that shirt right there? You might think “Oh yeah that’s a cool shirt, it looks hip, something the cool cats are wearing, right?” Well maybe, but also no. No no no my friend, this shirt is MUCH more than that. This shirt is CURSED!!! Yeah that’s right this shirt is cursed with the clumsiness of the wonderful (probably hurt) Kaitlyn Alexander (kbearluna) , the person who’s face is on the shirt. You don’t believe me? Well listen up.

So I’ve worn this shirt a total of three times since I bought it.

1. The first time I wore it I tripped, fell down a flight of stairs, broke three ribs and my ankle.

2. The second time I wore it I walked into a door so hard that I fell backwards,  twisted knee, and popped my shoulder out of the socket when I fell.

3. The third time I wore this shirt I dropped a very large jar of pickles and then proceeded to slipping on the pickles juice and fall into the glass shards.

See? Now you may be asking “why are you telling me this story?” To that I say this.

I wanted to purchase this shirt, also from kbearluna, but how do I know that it won’t cause more clumsiness? How do I know that it does not have evil magical powers? I do not want to pay $18.75 for a broken ankle.

anonim sordu:

sam looked like he wanted to be sick )':

yup, he was moments away from throwing up. i don’t blame him. they loved her, it doesn’t matter how much of their family they’ve lost, it’s going to hurt like hell every. single. time. and sam is already prone to blaming himself when things go wrong. this time, everyone else will too.



Magcon AU: You’re dating Nash

This was requested by Anon: Can you do a Nash AU like the Nate one, please?

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW! please give me some time to make the ones requested. You can have a look at the things that are going to come up and the stuff I made so far HERE😊

There is a lot going on in this page, but mostly we meet her brother in real time. Or see him from a distance. Something.

Elias and Malaya haven’t had much back and forth dialog for awhile, so I packed like, way too much into this page. It’s tricky fitting that many bubbles on a page!


HIIIIII taylorswift :) My name is Michela and I AM SO HAPPY YOU’RE in my life, you’re music, personality, dancing, and just being so free has inspired me so much, I am so proud to call you my role model, and I feel like you’ve been there through everything. Thank youuuu – so much. You have out done yourself on the 1989 tour and I FLIP OUT EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR ABOUT IT OR SEE PICTURES AND WATCH VIDEOS (THAT WILDEST DREAMS/ENCHANTED MASH UP IS MY LIFE). Anyways…….. I think that finding yourself is something so important and you have taught me to do that and live life and try new things (like how you got short hair and moved to a big new city) even if they can be scary sometimes. I just wanted to share with you my tour pictures because they MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. After the Red tour ended my mom and I were just looking up at the smoke from the fire works then we looked at eachother for like 5 min and we were like: “how are we this lucky” at a point we were speechless. These shows are not a regular concert, they are a freaking performance and life-changing event, I am so thankfulllll!!! I hope you see these pictures one day, and I really hope we can meet soon. See you in Ottawa, and Toronto both nights!!! I love you. I love you. I love you. <3

anonim sordu:

Louis gets really insecure about his voice on stage, i've noticed ALOT of times when he performs, after he finishs his solo he'll back away from the mic, scrunch up his face, look down disappointed and kinda sad, turn his face away, frown.... :( :(

That’s why for Naughty Boy to tweet about Louis using auto-tune was a serious low blow. Louis @ NB right now 

I am slowly beginning to realize why people call the first five or so years post-graduation the ‘wedding season’

I mean, I’ve got two this year already and we just graduated last May. No wonder Katherine Heigl had 27 dresses. I mean, goodness. 

Just looking at some real estate for funsies in an area neither of us is familiar with, David happened to find a very cute, very reasonably priced mid century house. We both agreed it was a great little place.


Hit up Google street view, do a 180 and this little gem is what you’ll find across the street. Clearly time has not been good to this meth lab home which, whatever, but it’s the VERY CONSCIOUS CHOICE to say, we need space for one more car so fuck it, let’s just plow a slab of concrete at angle through the front yard. BUT HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW WHEN TO STOP THEIR CAR? Well, we will just put a shitty fence up around it. BUT HOW WILL PEOPLE GET TO THE FRONT DOOR USING THE SIDEWALK? We will make sure the shitty fence has a little walkin’ space to so we can use the sidewalk to get to the front door like dignified folk.

Like, this was an actual solution engineered by some human allowed to drive, and build and exist.

I just want you to know...

I just want you to know… That distance, age, height, religion, our past lives… Whatever maybe the case doesn’t matter to me. I love you because always. I care for you always. It matters to me that you are in my life now… That you are mine now. I am willing to over look the distance. Oh please it is just some distance over a period of time. I can deal with it. Age is nothing that is going to matter to me love is love. I don’t care if you are taller or shorter than me as long as you can love me just the same! Religion, I don’t mind if you have one or not. If you have a different one or not. It doesn’t matter to me. Annndd I don’t care how mess your past is. How messed up someone in the past. I love you just the same. You are mine. My only… My love… I promise you.. No matter what I love you all the same…..

I remember one time a girl kissed me because she was getting on the train and I was basically falling head over heels for this woman and I hadn’t worked up the nerve to kiss her yet so this was our FIRST KISS and some girl looked at us and went to her friend, “Ugh I hate that they think it’s okay to do that in public.” Which is the only time someone has made a point to make me uncomfortable when I’m with another woman (usually they just satre and glance uncomfortably and sometimes look angry) so I just kinda scoffed at her and went on. Plus this happened quickly enough that I don’t think the other woman noticed but like. Still. That interaction has had a major affect on the way I feel about straight women, in combination with literally every interaction I have with straight women concerning me being gay.

anonim sordu:

Liam made that video about "I found the fifth member" So NB did that picture of him and Zayn. So basically Liam & Louis started this whole mess and Zayn gets hate cause he stood up for his friend? He deserve the credit for being in 1D for five years.

Okay but here’s the thing. 

Yes, Zayn was in the band for almost 5 years. He did his time and I appreciate it-so there’s credit for that. But let’s look at the things Zayn’s done the past year that has made me lose respect for him: 

  • Zayn’s been talking/thinking/plotting to go solo at least since September of last year, and is rumored to have been talking.thinking/plotting going solo since LAST SPRING-so a year back. 
  • He drops the band out of the blue one day, citing he was stressed out and wanted to live a normal life. I personally wish that Zayn posted a video or had a press confrence telling us he was going to leave instead of Modest! making a FB post about it but whateves. ***As someone who struggles with anxiety, I was sad, yes, but applauded him for doing something that he felt like he had to do for his mental health. You’re free to look back to my blog a couple of months back and see for yourself that I supported him. 
  • THE VERY NEXT DAY Zayn was spotted in a studio with NB working on solo stuff. THE NEXT DAYYY! After fans spent the whole night crying themselves to sleep, he pulled a stunt like that. Basiclly lied to us-the fans that gave him a career, but okay. The rest of the boys were messaging things on social media, assuring us things would be okay but Zayn said nothing to us.
  • The day after, Zayn did this mega short radio interview that basically, again, Zayn was playing the victim card. He kept saying, “it wasn’t the real me,’ and he ‘couldn’t do it anymore.’ You can read more on the interview here if you want (x).
  • Then you have NB posting numrous selfies of him and Zayn in studio looking like a hot shot and being all, ‘ayyyy look who’s here in the studio w/ me?!!!’ Basically rubbing it in our faces that he had Zayn and 1D didn’t. All the while, yet again, Zayn NEVER tweeted anything about himself-letting us know if he’s okay or not. 
  • Then you had Zayn’s speech at the Asian Awards where he was all peace and love and “I have to thank four amazing guys for giving me my career’ and such. I don’t recall his exact words. Now, I didn’t like it then that he didn’t mention 1D’s name on stage…was it because NB was less then 10 ft away????? 
  • Meantime, Zayn’s new buddy NB continued to lash out on face over social media. He last attack on 1D fans took place like three days ago. Feel free to look on that jerks’ Twitter page and see for yourself how rude Zayn’s friend has been to Zayn’s and 1D’s fans. 

Which leads us to today, or let me backtrack to two days ago. Liam posted a video of some dud mucking up “Don’t Stop Believing” at a karaoke bar or whateves with the caption “New fifth member? I think so.” The dude sucked and Liam was obviously joking. Honestly, I think Liam wanted to cheer some of the fans up and let us know he and the rest of 1D are okay. Please don’t make Liam out to be the bad guy here-he’s innocent in all this. He meant it as a joke. Now I don’t know if Zayn took it personally or not-that’s an entirely different matter. If he did, he could have a)shook it off or b)reach out his “mate” Liam and be like ‘yo Li that wasn’t cool :/’ and Liam being Liam would have been like, ‘ahhh sorry Z! Didn’t mean to do that, let me buy you a lifesize statue of Batman, ok?’ And things would have been fine! 

BUT NO! NB had to step in and post yet ANOTHER selfie of him and Zayn with the caption ‘replace this.’ Now I dunno how you took this Anon, but I took it as, ‘Ohhh look who has Zayn! Try to replace this, haha!’ 

Louis, whom I love and adore, gets involved in things where he generally shouldn’t. NB is the same way, only difference is that Louis usually sticks his head out to a) defend us or b)put someone in their place whereas NB’s just doing it to stay relevant. I think Louis knows that NB is an ass and mention in a subtweet about shitty filters. Should he have made it? No, but in the grand scheme of what Louis is capible of, the tweet was fairly innocent enough. 

Of course, NB being NB saw this and was ‘remember when you couldn’t sing? Who needs to when there’s auto-tune, right?’ or something to that extent. I blocked NB today so i can’t look all the tweets up. Being a Louis girl, I know that Louis’ been insecure with his voice since the beginning of 1D and Zayn having been “brothers” with Louis for five years would have known this too and you’d think that he’d defend his best friend that they’ve had for five years, right? 

Nope, he tweeted  “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?” to LOUIS!!! Partner in crime. Bus 1. They smoked together for hell’s sake. Zayn essentially said get out of my life. It pissed off so many people and Louis more then likely. He could have kept going but he tweeted one last tweet to NB and didn’t respond to Zayn, which was probably hard for him to do. 

Clearly Zayn doesn’t want to be associated with 1D, he made his choice and I’m respecting it by not seeing him as part of 1D anymore. WHICH IS THE VERY THING ZAYN WANTED THIS WHOLE TIME! Why am I the bad guy for doing this? 

Everything associated with 1D before March 25, 2015-sure, Zayn here’s credit for that. Because honestly, 1D are incredible and history making and yeah. 

BUT EVERYTHING AFTER MARCH 25, 2015 ZAYN IS NO LONGER A PART OF 1D ANYMORE! Here on out, 1D is four members and Zayn will get no credit for anything 1D does in the future. I’m sorry that’s the way it goes.

Zayn left. Zayn sided with some douchebag over a member he’s known for five years. He wanted to be a normal 21 yr man? That means fucking talking responsibility for your actions. No one forced him to leave, no one told him to work with an asshole on solo stuff. No one told him to tweet out mean things. ZAYN DID ALL THAT! HE MADE HIS CHOICES AND HE’S FINE WITH IT SO LET’S ALL JUST MOVE ON!

I generally would never wish ill on anybody and that includes Zayn. He was a part of my life for the past five years and I wish him all the best. But I’m not gonna sit here and act like what he did was okay. It wasn’t cool-it really wasn’t. 

Actions speak louder then words and I think today that statement couldn’t be truer. 

anonim sordu:

My bestfriend and I we went to an afterparty after prom We were sweaty and looked like fancy ass prom goers that encountered a mini tornado Sweaty, messy, and slightly drunk, we both confessed our feelings for each other We sobered up around 2am, we left the party to go into this tree house We lost our virginities to each other I swear he fucked me into another galaxy Since then we have sex 3-4 times a day, I gave him a bj during lunch today and he returned the favor in the library after school.

*slow clapping*

anonim sordu:

They burned her body in the promo. That usually means she's gone for good. And if they pull the ghost shit like with Kevin I stg. Sorry, I'm so upset right now I don't know what to do with myself ugh.

I know. Honestly, I think at this point I’m just clinging to any shred of hope I have left that it’s not permanent (or real?).

So, here’s what actually happened (I refuse to believe anything else):

They check Charlie’s pulse and she’s hanging on. Cas shows up and heals her all up. Charlie, who is no stranger to reinventing herself (“This ain’t the first time I’ve disappeared. You think my name is really Charlie Bradbury?”), goes undercover to live a normal and happy life. Dean and Sam burn an empty casket just in case someone is spying on them. They have to make it look real. Then they never contact her again so she stays safe and happy and alive.

anonim sordu:

I know exactly what you mean with the whole thing about drawing gems easier with different styles. For me, Garnet is RIDICULOUSLY hard to draw. The other two are about equal, save for Pearl's hands (which are also ridiculous).

I have trouble with Garnet too because of the blockiness, like I can do blockiness but not in the right way and it just ends up making her look too broad. 

Hands…hands are just tricky in general. I don’t… understand them? Sometimes I can draw hands no problem and other times its like…what does a hand look like? Are they even real? And its weird because sometimes I can only draw the big hands with slender fingers like Pearl and Garnet have and other times I can only draw the stubby, rounded hands that Amethyst and Steven have. The difference is that with the stubby hands I can ‘fake’ it if I’m having trouble, because of the small palm and relative lack of a clear ‘wrist’ but the bigger hands have an elongated palm and a clear wrist joint so the only way to ‘fake’ it is to just hide it behind something