People keep writing me greeters. I have it in my tabs and my guidelines that
greeters really aren’t the thing for me , yo. I need pre-established stuff, or 
like an askbox ‘hello~!' I am not upset of course, you guys can do it I guess
but know that I don’t respond to greeters. I don’t get muse for greeters. So
if I never respond to them you just gotta know that it says it a few times in 
my blog that I don’t deal with those. I don’t even write my own. 


Ch. 4 of The Wildness Within (Gwyn/Augus/Ash) is up!

Augus visits the Unseelie Court and doesn’t have the greatest time ever, and then returns home and throws a bit of a tantrum about it. Totally not scaring Gwyn in the process. Nope.

Chapter 4 at AO3!

Also, the Raven Prince is in a significant chunk of this chapter. We get to see a younger, slightly more spry (and therefore sinisterly playful) Unseelie King than usual. :D

(Feedback always appreciated! And thank you all for reading!)


Game of Thrones Characters sorted into Hogwarts Houses

Hinami getting a haircut from Touka Onee-chan VS. Kaneki Onii-chan (●△●✿) 

"As long as I am breathing, it's not over."