ATTENTION: Render Please Podcast Interview!

So the peeps over at "Early Call Time" reached out to me via Twitter about being interviewed for their Podcast (which y’all should check out because it’s funny). I said, “What the hell. Why not?” 

You all shall finally hear the voice of BATMAN  Render Please! 

That being said, you can call/text in (or tweet @EarlyCallTime) questions you have for me via the ECT website (top right corner under “Upcoming Interviews”).

You can also send questions to ME through Twitter or Facebook. I feel like this is my AMA…this could get interesting…and before anyone asks, my favorite color is green. Just putting that out there. And, uh…podcast should be airing end of this month…? Have to confirm with the ECT dudes.


Lately I have seen a few thing (and have been sent a few things) that cross a line for me. I know I have joked about cyberstalking Rory in the past ~ Let’s be honest, what I do here is a little on the creepy side, that’s why no one I know in my day to day life knows about it ~ but let me make perfectly clear what I find acceptable to post and what I do not.

I will post:

  • Screen caps and production stills from his roles
  • Interviews
  • Information on Rory’s roles
  • Convention Appearance information
  • Pictures with fans 
  • Pictures from red carpet appearances
  • Pictures from promotion events
  • Video of his roles or him at public events
  • The occasional fan art
  • The occasional reblog of pics uploaded and shared in the tags by his friends (even though I feel really creepy about it)

I will not post:

  • Pictures that are a clear invasion of his privacy
  • Stories about that time you met Rory when he was feeling antisocial and you yelled profanities at him for not taking a pic with you
  • Hearsay stories about his private life
  • Information on his family 
  • Pictures of him with his exes (not even with a blob over her face)

Yes, he is a public figure but please be respectful. Just because he is an actor doesn’t mean it is appropriate to treat him like a commodity. Everyone is allowed some semblance of privacy. 

Theo James Nominated For Glamour UK's Sexiest Men 2014

Theo James is a talented actor, great singer and incredibly charismatic and funny, but let’s face it, he’s just so sexy! Glamour UK has taken note and nominated the “Divergent” star for their Sexiest Men of 2014.

Theo is up against some tough competition with huge Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo Dicaprio. But Theo’s star is on the rise! Besides the “Divergent” franchise, Theo has two independent films in post-production, is set to film “The Secret Scripture” with Vanessa Redgrave and fellow Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Alum Jeremy Irons in Ireland and will star in the next installment of “Underworld” reprising his role as the vampire, David.

Let’s show Theo James how much his fans love and support him and vote for him as Glamour UK’s Sexiest Man of 2014! Go here to vote:

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**NEW POST** [Productive Parenting] Sibling Rivalry: The Good and The Bad

Sibling rivalry is as old as the two sons of Adam (peace be upon him), Habeel and Qabeel. And we know the unfortunate way it ended.

Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) tells about this common issue in great detail in Surah Yusuf.

Being a mother myself, I realized that – left unattended – these emotions can cause severe harm to our children as individuals and as siblings since they are family and Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) has put great emphasis on maintaining the ties of kinship.

Click to read more:

May Allah grant peace and harmony amongst our siblings! Aameen!


I’ve gotten a few requests for Akira, but I’m like “Guy’s do you really think I’d leave out Akira? C’maaaaan.” :) Anyway the first round from the movie that probably got you into anime in the first place.

Akira. Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. Created by Tatsunoko Production, TMS Entertainment.

Akira [Blu-ray]


So this is it…this is how some people in the EXO fandom define “love”. Screaming “we are One” and “We love EXO” at any given opportunity but look at our actions, look at our behaviours!

Pushing the cameras into our idol’s faces. Calling them rude und unfriendly because they put on earphones and glasses at the airport. Groping and kissing because you think you have the goddamn right to. Hitting their faces with the cameras. Pushing til they fall down and make them cry because some of the members just can’t take this any longer.

These are just some of the few and now let me ask you this: Are these actions any different than sasaeng behaviours?

We all adore them but love is NOT about obsession, not about madness. It is about understanding, about supporting but also about SPACE! We idolize them as gods but in the end of the day they are just human beings. Boys in their 20’s with human needs and feelings.

So please…just stop this madness, give them some space to breath, too!!!
[video source]

"Beware" by .Rekhyt.Ankh.

Well hello lovely Teen Wolf fans! It’s that time again. Before everyone Loses Their Minds over “Echo House” tonight, let’s look at more lovely fan art! 

One thing we’re particularly proud of with this gallery is that countries all over the world are represented - showing just how far and wide this little show has managed to reach. Today’s piece comes from the country of Azerbaijan! This piece is “Beware” by .Rekhyt.Ankh.



When we asked .Rekhyt.Ankh. for permission to hang this piece, she gave us “the right to print it, hang it and love it till the end of time”.  This is exactly what we intend to do!  We love this piece! From Stiles’ beautiful, mysterious eyes, to the awesome background - this is a fantastic addition to our gallery.


Thanks so much, .Rekhyt.Ankh.!  Your piece is loved by all, especially Dylan! 

Check out all of our previous pieces here and see you all next week!

Also, be sure to check out “Wolf Watch” tonight directly after the show where our gallery, (and some of our pieces!), will have a little cameo!

"My Girlfriend, The Darach" by clawsfight

Well hello everyone! Today marks the 16th and final piece of our original chosen fan art for our gallery. While we do hope to add more, it’s momentous for us because this is the last of our original picks! I’m excited to share it with you guys because, while I can not play favorites with the art itself, (they are all like my babies at this point), I can play favorites with the poses, and this pose just may be my favorite! So let’s get on with it. Today’s piece is by the hilarious and talented, Jane.  This piece is titled, “My Girlfriend, The Darach”.



Okay, we laughed. A lot. Every piece we have in our gallery is fantastic and fascinating for its own reason. This piece is where we go when we’re having a bad day. It never fails to make us smile. For that, and the wonderful artistry behind it, we love having this piece hanging on our wall!  Thank you, Jane!

When coming up with the poses, some were very straight-forward and others we had to be a little more creative with.  Here’s what we came up with for “My Girlfriend, The Darach”.


We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do! Again, huge thanks to Jane and all of the other artists who allowed us to display their work! This has been an amazing project and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it.

For all of our original sixteen pieces, go here.  We hope to be back soon with more selections! Keep on keeping on “Teen Wolf” fandom. Thanks for sharing in our “Teen Wolf” fan art gallery!

Until next time!