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Theory: Wren is BigA/Charles + CeCe is BAD  (Is Betraying Ali) Part 1

I am currently watching “The Mirror Has Three Faces” and this episode ALONE provides enough evidence that Wren most likely IS Charles.

Exhibit A: Mona vs. The Person Who Stole The Game

Mona who recently falsely accused herself of killing Wilden is now back at Radley. Who’s her doctor? Of course Wren. NOTE: Prior to this, Wren hasn’t been seen since Season 3. Wren then shows Mona this drawing:

At first, this picture might have meant nothing. But now that we learned about the Campbell Farm in the season 5 finale, this could mean EVERYTHING.

“Its a family on a farm. The sun is shining and they’re smiling. It’s a happy picture.” - Mona

This could mean that Wren or “Charles” once was happy with his family.

They then speak about Wilden.

“Wilden was bothering them so I got ride of him…” - Mona

“I don’t think you got rid of anybody. That’s my response” -Wren

He looks at her like he is so SURE of it. Sounds very “A” of him.

Also throwing this out there, the fact he spelled Diagnosis wrong leads me to believe he is NOT a real doctor.

Exhibit B: Wren & Hanna

Wren is at The Brew when a very anxious Hanna approaches him. Hanna begs him if She can see Mona at Radley. He declines also saying, “Giving your mother’s situation, I probably shouldn’t be talking to you.” He gets up. 

“But it’s not about Mona. I’m just wondering about CeCe.” - Hanna *Cues Suspense Music*

She then asks if CeCe has contacted him. 

He then says “Why would CeCe contact me?” LIES.  

It was revealed in Season 3′s episode “I’m Your Puppet” Wren had been giving CeCe permission into Radley. 

Hanna brings that to his attention and wonders if he’d do it again for her. Wren then looks like he’s enter a train of thought. He’s not responding.

“What’s wrong?” - Hanna

“No nothing. It’s just that the nurse said someone tried to see Mona last night and when she described a young blonde, I thought it was probably you” - Wren He’s making up a lie as he goes.

“Did she get in to see her?” - Hanna

“No she was turned away.” - Wren GOOD LIE. It would’ve sparked more questions if he had said yes.

“Well then why are you so worried?” Hanna It’s because she’s onto him and CeCe.

After more LIES about the budget cuts, things going missing, Hanna leaves. That’s when Wren gets on the phone with someone. I am 1000% sure it is CECE DRAKE.

“We have a problem. I’ll take care of my end, you take care of yours” - Wren 

Exhibit C: Wren Takes Care of His End

Wren pays his almost mother-in-law Mrs. Hastings a visit who really doesn’t want to see him.

Wren warns her about Mona. Saying she is playing a very dangerous game. Mrs. Hastings doesn’t by his crap, she knows what she’s doing and Mona is actually making it a bit easy for her to defend Ashley.

Then at this moment Wren says this:

“She’s going to turn the tables on you and she hasn’t forgiven your daughter or her friends despite what she says. She wants to see them hurt and the people closest to them.” LIES. Maybe she might still feel some sort of grudge against them but for christ sakes, she did this for Hanna and her mother.

This frightens Mrs. Hastings because she already doesn’t trust Mona.

“You know you can lose your medical license for telling me this?” - Mrs. Hastings. Let him lose it. It’s bogus he can just get some other license.

Then he says he only wants to make it right for everything he’s done. *Whatever*

Exhibit D: A Mysterious CeCe

Hanna ENTERS Mrs. D’s house wanting to speak to her. She decides to walk up to Ali’s room. She opens up her Jewelry box. Through the mirror we see this:

I am 1000000% sure that is CECE.

Exhibit D: Hanna & Mrs. Hastings

Caleb, Hanna and Spencer are talking about CeCe and Ali when Mrs. Hastings comes home. They stop talking and Mrs. Hastings asks Hanna has she spoken to her mother and says she should go home.

“Someone made an anonymous complaint to the court. There accusing me of Obstruction of Justice.” - Mrs. Hastings

Who most likely sent that anonymous tip? WREN.

Exhibit E: Job Well Done

A happy Wren is coloring in his drawing while on the phone with whom it sounds like a friend but I’m doubtful its CeCe.

“That was my former mother-in-law. *chuckles* Almost mother-in-law. I guess I dodged the bullet there. I guess that goes to show, you can’t trust anyone.” - Wren

NOTE: This ALSO happened this episode. Aria made a visit to CeCe’s former roommate. Her roommate said this:

CeCe HATED Ali and her friends. She blames Ali for getting her kicked out of college. Ever heard the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies CLOSER”? Well, that applies to Miss CeCe Drake. 

NOTE: I will be making a part two of this theory where I will be discussing Wren is Charles/Big A + CeCe is BAD & Melissa is Black Widow but she’s not as bad as we think she is. I will also be tying in Bethany & Mrs. D. MORE DEVELOPING 

NOTE: I am ALSO doing a CeCe, Jessica & Ali orchestrated everything that happened “That Night” Theory.

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What episode do they show the picture in Aria's room which is just like the mannequin set up in A's lair?

It’s only shown in Arias room in the dollhouse, meaning that Charles specifically put it in her room for a reason. This connects Aria with Charles’ ideal family image.

Calvin Tomkins on the artist Charles Ray:

The range of Ray’s ambition has emerged more clearly since 2005. The mischievous humor and perceptual jolts of his early work have given way to more complex investigations of sculpture’s past glories and its contemporary relevance. He wants his work to retain meaning for a very long time.

Photograph courtesy of Charles Ray and Matthew Marks Gallery


Okay, but I’ve been trying to interpret what Amy’s expression in this scene means:

  • She’s upset that Charles / her other coworkers know about the kiss
  • Jake makes a joke after they kiss and she starts to think that even though he kissed her back almost immediately, it wasn’t real to him
  • She’s actually just in deep thought and is becoming more conscious about her feelings towards Jake
  • Jake (who I’m assuming is sitting next to her) assured her / the rest of the people in the car that it meant nothing out of respect to her (I’m hoping this one is not true) 
  • They blew their cover and Charles just happens to be more excited that his otp kissed than the fact that Jake and Amy were found out
  • Charles doesn’t even know about the kiss. He’s freaking out because Jake and Amy got to try a particular dish while they were undercover and he needs to know all about it, while Amy needs to talk to Jake alone.
  • She wanted it to remain a secret between herself and Jake until they talked about it
  • She finds out that someone (I’m assuming Holt) is leaving the precinct; again, Charles momentarily forgets the sadness in favor of screaming “What?I” excitedly

Any other ideas?

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Ok, can i rant? lol (and i apologize for my english in advance ) Sometimes I think some fans of Prince Harry sees him as a pushover “Poor Harry, William do this, William steal him that...” This is not right! Stop It! Harry is no dead fish! I mean, I think one of the great achievements of Princess Diana (and Charles) was to raise two brothers who love and support each other. You’ll never see them bashing each other or implying anything bad about the other. Only love, friendship and complicity. xx


Theory 20 - Charles’ family name is Young

The most common assumption after the season 5 finale is that Charles is Alison’s brother.

The main clue is the “Charles Dilaurentis” anagram found in Mona’s house. 

But in reality Charles could also be Jason’s brother and thus a Hastings. What makes me inclined towards this theory is the “connection” that Charles and Spencer seemed to share at the end of the finale. Was I the only one to feel that?

HOWEVER, Charles being Ali’s (half) brother is the easy guess. And with PLL nothing is ever that easy.

As it was pointed out by a lot of people, the anagram could simply mean that Charles is obsessed with the Dilaurentis family and particularly Ali, maybe even in love with her. It could also have been planted by someone who wants to send the liars on the wrong track (Andrew, who was standing outside Mona’s house? Charles himself?).

Let’s do a little brain storming… What do we know about Charles?

Charles most likely…

·         is Melissa’s age (as he was recreating her prom)

·         has ties with the Campbells and their farm

·         is obsessed with Alison and that night

·         is obsessed with a mystery family of four

It is clear that “that night” is the reason for all this mess. As I stated in a previous theory, I think that at Radley, Mona let out the fact that Ali was alive and responsible for Bethany’s death. For me the obvious purpose of Big A’s endeavor is to avenge Bethany’s death. Right?

So I think that Charles’ full name might be Charles Young rather than Charles Dilaurentis.

The family of four he is obsessed with is his own. The one that was blown apart that night when his sister Bethany was murdered.

You see, in the video, when Jessica says “Wanna say good night to your sister?”, she only talks to ONE of the boys. I think this boy is Jason, not Charles. The other boy is Charles – and he has nothing to do with the Dilaurentis. He just happens to play at the Campbell’s farm at the time the video was taken.

I think the Youngs have strong ties with the Campbells. Andrew might be Charles and Bethany’s cousin for example. This would explain why he seems to be helping A, and why Charles uses the old farm as headquarters for his dollhouse spying business.

Now what about Black Veil?

I will hold onto that until proven otherwise – I strongly believe that Black Veil is NOT a regular member of the show. I think this is someone we only saw once without the veil – Leah from Ravenswood (read my theory).

So a little bonus here… What if Leah was Andrew’s sister?

Think about it. Black Veil was seen sending flowers to Bethany’s parents. She obviously mourns Bethany, as she mourned Wilden. I first thought she was Bethany’s twin, but if Bethany and Leah are Charles’ sisters, then it doesn’t fit with the family of four obsession. But Leah could very well be Bethany’s cousin or childhood friend. 

So Charles, Leah and Andrew are all in it together.

Too far-fetched? Maybe. But it is fun trying to figure out Charles’ genealogy :)

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Pietro: You don’t know the vile repulsive things those guys were thinking. Steve: And you do? Pietro: well I mean... no technically not charles Xavier or anything but im guessing it was pretty horrible. *insert some sort of fast and furious pun about pietro's reckless driving*

omg stop

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” Pietro whispers. 

Steve smiles. “Aww, you’re hardly a lamb.” 

“What? I know I’m not a lamb. I’m obviously the lion? You’re the lamb in this situation.” 

“…Oh, but…that’s not really accurate-” 


Sorry for the bad quality, but the above video is of an interview that Tammin Sursok (Jenna) did with an Australian TV show called The Daily Edition in June 2014, just around the time that season five was premiering.

In the interview, when Tammin is asked what viewers can expect to see in season 5, she responds with,

‘Well there’s a lot of  bad things that happen, we find out who -A is and then it’s not really -A and then someone has a twin sister,’

So, to clarify, this is her talking about what happens in season 5…

Uhm?? Excuse me?? I don’t know what to make of this?! By -A does she mean Charles because if so then yeah I guess we found out who -A is but then is she saying that Charles isn’t really -A? Did she even know about Charles back then, considering this interview was filmed almost a year ago and I wouldn’t have regarded Jenna as important enough of a character for Marlene to tell the actress all about Charles?

Secondly, SOMEONE HAS A TWIN SISTER?? W   H   E   N   ?
I mean is she talking about Bethany? Or maybe that time when Jenna and Sydney were at the eye doctor in identical outfits and stuff lmao?


/disclaimer/ I do not own any of the content in the video above, all credit for the video goes to The Daily Edition/ its rightful owner. No copyright intended. 

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