no i do that all the time


Trying to get my mind off this week, and as a result, an au! In this au Juvia is a rain deity meant to travel and bring rain to drought villages, but due to her mood swings she caused many floods and disasters forcing humans to trap her in one village. At first, locals are diligent about visiting her shrine, however over centuries she is forgotten

I plan on having Gray in this au, depends on if I decide to continue with this

i have no inspiration, school is out and i need practice so im going to do another one of those reblog for art things. the doodles will look like this vvv

doing the first 300 . make sure your submit box is open. 

ps. check out my blog + look at my other art + be my friend pls !!!

sending everyone good vibes today! hope you all have a kick ass day :)

Guess who recently reached 1,000 followers and also has zero editing skills i’m so sorry ??? *does a cartwheel* Aaahh!! Thank you, thank you everyone for following me and sticking around!! *gives each of you a hug*  Each and every one of you deserves the world and I am so grateful for you all ^_^ Thank you!!!

And in celebration, I’ve decided to do my first Follow Forever ever! I don’t follow a lot of blogs, but I love every single one I do. I follow some incredibly talented individuals and have met the most beautiful friends - both inside and out (you know who you are *hands each of you a flower* uwu). Again, thank you all for 1k - when I have more time over summer, I’ll try and do something special for you all ;) so look out for that!


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It’s good having friends who, after you’ve spent the evening together in their town but 90 miles away from where you live, will purposely stay awake until you get home just so they know you got there safely.


Scorpion S1 Hiatus Meme:   [¼] Characters   +   Happy Quinn

I built the contractor an automated conveyance system, and he called me Sugar. So I hit him in the mouth.

Tumblr is full of amazing people with so much talent. Even if I am not one of them, my lovely followers still like and reblog and comment the stuff I post. And you have no idea how happy that makes me.

So I just want to take some time to thank all of you lovely people :) Thank you so, so much! I love you all! <3

i started this blog after binge watching half of the season of daredevil at 12:00 AM on that thursday (or technically friday) when it was finally uploaded onto netflix. i was only three episodes in when i knew that i had to make a claire temple roleplay blog. since then, i have gained over 200 followers in a few weeks & i cannot believe it for one second. 

i have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love in this community & how welcoming every single one of you has been. i cannot believe how generous & kind you all are & every day i log onto here, a giant smile plasters itself upon my face. you are all such amazing, talented, beautiful people & i am so glad to have had the opportunity to write with so many of you. 

as i am not very well versed in photoshop & my talents come down to an all time zero, i’m not going to do a giveaway of sorts just yet, but i hope a follower appreciation post will show you guys how much i love you (though i doubt i could ever explain how grateful & appreciative i am)

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