TPTB: Lol Cas is going to be off on his own. Lol Cas doesn’t want to be a burden. Lol look what a shitty human arc we gave Cas. Lol look Cas always fucks up. Lol it is absolutely necessary that Cas be tortured/hurt/kidnapped every time he’s on screen. Lol Cas isn’t going to be in the 200th episode but there’s going to be a representation of him we think fans will like. Lol “Meanwhile, Castiel” because he’s not important enough to be a part of the main storyline.

Fans: …………….

Castiel: You should show me some respect. I dragged you(r show) out of hell. I can throw you back in.

Fans: Tell ‘em, bb~ <3


Revolution Cast | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Tim Guinee* (x), Stephen Collins (x) + Tracy Spiridakos (x)

*Due to Californian water restrictions Tim chose to do 'the dirty bucket of mop water challenge' instead.


get to know me meme: fifteen favourite musicians/singers

1/15 judy garland 1922-1969

"my mother was a phoenix who always expected to rise from the ashes of her latest disaster. she loved being judy garland.” - lorna luft


anonymous said:


Hi, darling! I’m so glad you liked reading it you’re making me blush aw. Requests are still closed, but you’re welcome to request a part 2 when they’re open again! I know requests have been closed for a while, but we’re slowly working on finishing our remaining requests and it looks like we might open them again soon!


All right, I’m offering TWO box sets of the Rubber Pin Jack Collection, for 9720 yen each. First come first serve, and I need the money before the 25th 18:00 Tokyo time because that’s when the preorders open and I’m convinced this thing will sell out in less than an hour.

I wanted to offer more, and the individual blind boxes as well, but this thing turned out massively popular — not only did they expressly say on the site that they will not be restocking, the individual blind boxes and stands (which started preordering immediately) then proceeded to sell out in a matter of hours (and we’re talking night hours here), and now I guess we’re all waiting to pounce on the box set as soon as the preorders open (these people didn’t buy the stands for nothing….). As a result they’ve set up a limit of 3 boxes per order, and I’m offering two of my slots. Since, again, the site says there will be no restocking, this might be your only chance to get this if you want it.

If you’re interested send an email at comecomeparadise at outlook dot com or an ask! I will ask for payment immediately, first come first serve.



got inspired by this post last night and drew up some ping pong expressions! i might try this again once i get more familiar with their individual face shapes. for those of you who have seen ping pong the animation: i hope you enjoy my interpretations of these characters! for those of you who haven’t: WATCH IT

(ps, click through the images to see the descriptions of their expressions!)

oh yeah so. Last night my dad told me that it’s not healthy to cry over assignments, and that honestly took me by surprise? because that’s been my norm for as long as I can remember? and I felt pretty good about going a whole three weeks without crying over an assignment? 

so I realized that things don’t always have to be like this. But then I realized that I wasn’t ready for things not to be like this. because I don’t feel accomplished unless I’m pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into my schoolwork. Crying is how I know I’m trying hard enough. And if I can get through all of this with my mental health intact, that must mean I’m doing it wrong.

And now I’m starting to realize that that’s a pretty f’ed-up approach to school. And that it’s okay to get a B or even a C on an assignment if that means I don’t have a breakdown while doing it. And it’s okay to drop a class if that means I don’t have a breakdown while taking it. And it’s okay to not work myself to death, because I don’t have to martyr myself for my schoolwork in order to be worth something.

But old habits die hard.


is this not me