no feather left behind


My Dear Tumblr Peeps, 

Meet Lola. The most gentle cockatiel. She literally came to us in a shoebox, unable to walk, suffering from what we assume to be a night terror with the original family. 

She’s been on meds and snuggles for over a month. She’s made great progress! She’s perching, fluttering, being a total sweety. She even has a (patient) forever home in waiting.

We took her for a second check up on Friday to make sure she’s progressing well enough to get adopted out. He bones have improved, but she’s underweight with an enlarged liver. She’s on new supplements and 10 days worth of injections with cultures sent out, fecal and x-rays also done. 

Needless to say, we want the best for her (and all birds that come in), and want to send her off to be with her new family on the right foot.

Vetting and medication is not cheap. T^T

Our tab is currently est. over 600$ with this recent visit. I hate asking for money, but in order to continue helping these fids, there’s not much choice. 

If you have the means, here are ways to donate:


Direct to Vet: No Feather Left Behind’s Account (954) 427-0777


Thank you for reading and caring about da burburs! <3 <3 <3 

(Oh, if you’re broke, reblogging this would be a help too!)

anonymous asked:

Let us play a fun game~... Mew uses Transform and turns into Robin with the original Robin standing next to her. The two twirl about and you have to guess which one is which-... Would Pittoo be able to tell which one is which or will that be too difficult for him to guess correctly? :3


— “It’d be pretty easy to tell the difference. Mew’s a lot more playful than Robin is, and Robin would probably hit me with his book or something—

And suddenly, he remembers that he stole Robin’s cloak recently. Meaning he left feathers behind.



The Feathers Left Behind

You should have listened to the birds sing.

That is what you needed for your mind’s boxing ring.

But you are not content with such sweet simplicity.

Instead, you wanted nothing but to question their flying.

So you vow to get to the bottom of it, with vigor and heat.

You tore out their wings and opened their feet. 

You fondled their bones and ripped off their beaks.

Let me ask:  did you find all those answers you seek?

The silence now in your heart is not in your mind,

Tortured by fruitless queries all of the time.

The peace you desire is not at all difficult to find.

Yet, you are with nought but the feathers left behind.

My old boy Louie. He came from someone who wasn’t going to provide the routine vet care and eye drops he needed. I begged her to let me care for him, and she did. One day I hope I can facilitate seniors like him so they can live out the rest of their lives in happiness. He was such a lover. This was his fav. position called the smoosh face.


NFLB: PROJECT GREEN CROSS | 2nd Recipient, Miss Peeps

She has been egg bound since last Thursday and her family can’t afford the surgery due to health issues, but they love her dearly.

8/26/14 Miss Peeps made it thru the surgery, they removed the bottom egg (see x-ray), that was too big for her to pass. They will wait to see if the 2nd egg, which is still soft, will form correctly and pass naturally. Rescuer Mimi will get another update soon and pass along.

She is being cared for by Backos Bird Clinic, FL.

If you could, please click or share the link below so we can help more birds like Miss Peeps, dog-bite victim Cosmo the budgie, and their families!

We all fall on hard times, I have faith in my tumblr-peeps to give a fluff and understand! <3 Thanks!!!


Pepper and Cinnamin are very very very sweet cockatiels. They’re on healthy pellets, they have a large cage, play stand, the whole nine-yards. The Lady-tiel laid some eggs which they tend to do (believed to be non-fertile) and ate a tiny bit of metal, so we’re working on taking care of that before officially up for adoption. Working on getting her calcium level up some too. 

75 miles of driving yesterday between work, pick-up, vetting, and heading home. Don’t nobody tell me I don’t love the burburs!

Some people don’t know, I be the founder of No Feather Left Behind Avian Rescue along with my dear friend and rescue mentor, founder of No Paw Left Behind.

We have made much progress thanks to the kindness of others. My friend and I’s rescues are still homies, but I decided, with my friends blessing, to go from branch to independent! Yee!

So I am super happy to announce that we’ve completed the first step in this process!  No Feather Left Behind has an official INC. happening and is registered in the state of FL! We have our own EIN #, board members, and everything! 

Next step is by-laws and our own 501c3 status. Of which my friend recommended my getting this book.
I’m so excited, you have no idea. 

Right now I do graphic design full-time and rescue part time. I hope to have that switched one day.

My goal is to one day have a sanctuary for handicapped and senior birds!


Was at the vet’s from 6:30 to 10:00 last night, after work, doing a recheck on Sushi. Emergencies happened with other birds so I remained patient because BIRDS. At least they let me talk to the cute quaker in the incubator and a couple of other cuties.