y’all think i don’t love taylor just because i’m standing up against her……do you guys not know what love is. you help people become better and point out what they did wrong. would you ever let your friend continue being problematic af? nah? then why are you giving taylor a get out of jail pass

"long before being nerdy was cool, there was leonard nimoy. leonard was a lifelong lover of the arts and humanities, a supporter of the sciences, generous with his time and talents. and of course, leonard was spock. cool, logical, big-eared and level-headed, the centre of star trek’s optimistic, inclusive vision of humanity’s future. i loved spock." - barack obama 

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Hi! Just wondering, could you tell me why you don't like Tyler Oakley? I'm just curious, as I've heard it come up before that many people dislike him here on tumblr and I was wondering why. I don't really watch his vids so I on't really know him and his behaviour. Thanks, sorry for disturbing :)

I had 6 asks on this, so I will answer, but I’d like to add the disclaimer that this is my personal opinion and any messages along the lines of ‘but he’s so nice!!!’ will be ignored! I have strong (and unfortunately well-informed) views on the veritable cult of YouTube as it is, and I’m afraid that short of a miracle, I really can’t support most of the main players any more.

Screenshots taken from here, but the information is basically common knowledge at this point. 

  • he’s pretty openly made transphobic comments. He seems to have made steps towards improving on this front lately as I don’t think he’s used transphobic slurs in a while (what a great human being) but he hasn’t made any real attempts at addressing the subject
  • his constant mocking tendency to try and emulate the speech of a ‘sassy black woman’, and his refusal to acknowledge that it’s kind of, y’know, not OK
  • his creepy, borderline disturbing obsession with One Direction and various other celebrities, paired with his comments that people should ‘show respect’ when shipping real life people - yes, they should, but don’t make those comments if you’re not going to do it yourself
  • when the controversy about Zoe Sugg’s ghostwritten novel came out, he used his Tumblr as a platform to publically verbally attack a 16 year old girl who had had the sheer audacity to write a critique of the novel (unfortunately that article is basically from a YouTube fan blog and paints his actions in a positive light, but no; he handled the whole thing horribly, and the girl had to disable her blog for a period of time)
  • the way he adds comments to EVERY SINGLE TUMBLR POST HE FUCKING REBLOGS (this isn’t problematic, it’s just annoying as shit; I’m getting fed up of having to delete them before I reblog)
  • his tendency towards hypocrisy - saying one thing that sounds good to get followers and kudos, and then doing the exact opposite to get followers and kudos on other platforms. For example, he’ll speak out against queer-baiting on Tumblr because he knows that most Tumblr users see it as an issue, but he’ll support queer-baiting in order to gain views on YouTube
  • honestly, just… he’s not a very nice person (I do not support this blog because it makes some very personal remarks against him, and I think that’s hypocritical, but there are some relevant screenshots that I haven’t seen in other places)
  • I also have friends IRL who know him, and without spreading rumours and gossip, I know enough about him to know that he is not the kind of person I would like to know any more about

So, yeah. Not a member of the Tyler Oakley fanclub.

(Edited for clarification re phrasing)