my mother is eating chocolate, and she’s actually acting drunk and shit. anyway. shes on my bed laughing and staring at my one direction poster on my ceiling. she started yelling, “im old enough for you harry!” and “niall wants a taste of my chocolate.” and shit about all the boys and her.

im fucking scared omg mom


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#58 - Flying


“Niall. I can’t do this.” You said grabbing his wrist as the plane started moving. “This is wrong. I can’t do this. Niall I have to get off.” You were really panicking now the plane was taking off the ground. You were just about to get up and talk to the flight attendant when nniall put his hands on your shoulders. “Hey, hey, hey it’s alright. Come ‘ere” he said pulling you into his chest. “Listen, you are perfectly safe, you know why? Because I’m here and I’m always going to protect you” he whispered making you giggle into his chest. “Niallllll! You’re such a loser.” You laughed before craning your neck to give him a light kiss. “Yeah but you’re a bigger loser” he smirked as he swirled a bit of your hair around his finger and tickled your nose with it. After about 10 minutes of playing with your hair and rubbing circles into the palm of your hand, you were fast asleep with your head on Niall’s lap. “See, nothing to worry about. I’m always going to be there for you” he whispered before leaning down and kissing the tip of your nose.


It was your first time flying and you couldn’t have been any more excited! You had been counting down for weeks and even read up on facts about planes and how they work. When you were younger it was your dream to become a pilot but neither of your parents liked flying and once you left home you could never afford it.  You gasped as the plane engine roared to life. “Liam did you know that the first flight on the first ever plane happened on the 23rd of December 1903? Liam that’s almost 141 years ago! Isn’t that amazing? I mean, it was only in flight for 12 second, but look how much technology has changed! Liam! We’re! Flying!” you said excitedly looking out the window. All Liam could do was watch in awe as you bounced excited up and down your seat spewing out a billion and one facts about planes and flying. ‘hey, y/n. don’t tell me all your facts right now. You’ll run out soon and then what will we do on all the other flghts were going to go on?’ Liam said grinning at you. You gently pushed him as you said ‘o don’t worry, Ive got plenty of plane facts.’ Before winking at him and finally shutting up.   

First time flying, amazed


You and Louis were visiting your parents for the week at their small cottage in Sussex. On the first night you were showing Louis around the town you grew up in when he saw the poster. ‘Hey, y/n look at this. Paragliding, that sounds fun have you ever tried it?’ he had said before he looked over and saw your ghost like face shake your head quickly, you then explained your fear for paragliding after your cousin tried it and ended up breaking her leg. He nodded like he understood and left it, for the night. It was the coming towards the end of the week now and Louis had somehow managed to convince you to give it ago. ‘It’s completely safe, plus I’ll be there’ he kept saying until finally you had given in and agreed only if you could do it with him.

It was the day of the paragliding now and you were nervous. Louis hadn’t let go of your hand throughout the whole safety speech and now you were both strapped up and ready to start paragliding. You were just about to take off when you decided to close your eyes and keep your head down. About two minutes later you felt Louis warm hand on top of your cold one. ‘Hey love, look! We’re in the air! We’re flying!’ he excitedly said as you both looked at the view in front of you. ‘Thank you so much for doing this with me y/n. I’m glad that you’re the person I get to fly with. It really makes me appreciate everything, especially you. I love you so much’ he said before leaning over and kissing you on the cheek making you smile even more.   


He was asleep, as usual. But this time was different. Normally when you and Harry fly together you sit in the window seat, but this time you and Harry had a competition going to see who gets to pick which seat to sit in and sadly he had won and picked the window seat. Never again. His long legs were strewn across you pinning you to your seat for the 8 hour plane journey. You had tried many times to gently move them so you could go to the toilet but no. his long giraffe legs were too heavy for your little butterfly arms to lift so it seemed like you were stuck. ‘y/n?’ you heard softly during hour 6. ‘Yes sleeping beauty, have you finally decided to wake up?’ you said turning your head and smiling at him. ‘How long was I asleep for?’ he groggily asked while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. ‘Too long, you’re never sitting by the window again. I’m going to wet myself’ you said before kissing his cheek, moving his legs and darting down the aisle to the toilet.   


He was fed up. Fed up of the fans constantly swarming, the paparazzi, management. Everything. You and Zayn had only met through friends about a month ago and have only been out in public twice yet they already knew where you lived and everything else about you, and he had barely gotten to know you himself. That’s why it surprised you so much when he had shown up at your door at 4:30am with a suitcase next to him. All he had said was ‘let’s get away, just you and me’ and here you are sat on a private plane watching the sunrise as you fly to a remote part of France. Throughout the short flight you sat facing each other, playing with each others hands and talking about anything you could think of. You told each other childhood stories and things no one else know. You were unsure whether the butterflies in your stomach were from flying in a plane or the way he looked at you like you were the world either way, you were positive that this plane journey was the start of something great.  

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