Mallory Knox, Tonight Alive and One Ok Rock concert! (They played in that order so the pictures show them in the correct order as well)

At first I thought this concert would be very boring because the crowd was awful during the first three hours. Nobody was moving as you can see on the last picture and if somebody tried to mosh or something like that the people’s reaction was very negative.

But when One Ok Rock played “No Scared” (actually my favourite song by them), which was the very last song, there finally appeared a mosh pit and it was very awesome and a lot of fun!

  • me:i'm gonna start an eggnog company
  • stepdad:yeah?
  • me:yeah, and we're gonna make eggnog
  • stepdad:ok
  • me:our tagline is gonna be "so good it'll make you eggnostic"
  • stepdad:[gets up and leaves]

top ten husbands/wifes

i was tagged by cakeshi; thank you!! c:

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1. steven stone
2. ino yamanaka
3. deidara
4. zuko
5. rei hino
6. kiba inuzuka
7. asami sato
8. luna lovegood
9. hermione granger
10. draco malfoy

i’m tagging: itachijpeg, narutostaph, and princesskonan! & if anyone sees this and wants to do it then i choose you!! c:

Wedding. Retro. Auto GAZ-12

Photograph Pavel Skvortsov
+7 (960) 166-68-99

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