CM Punk and Jeff Hardy had a great feud in 2009. This PG Era feud was controversial since it brought up some taboo topics in the PG programming such as drugs and recognising their suspension policies. Although controversial, it was interesting and provided some great matches at Extreme Rules, The Bash, Night of Champions and Summerslam and also provided the WWE Universe with some great promos.

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Korean alcoholic beverage

SOJU 소주 

 is by far the most popular Korean liquor. It is made from grain or sweet potatoes and is generally inexpensive. It typically has an alcohol content of 40 proof (20% alc. by volume). Almost SOJU is covered with green bottle but have some different covers from various company. Korean usually get some SOJU when they have a dinner; especially with Korean BBQ. 

Animation Principles
    1. Squash and stretch
      -Adds volume and weight to a character.

    2. Anticipation
      -Staging prepares audience for a action. Makes a animation look dynamic

    3. Staging
      -Just like in all films this is important to get camera angles and staging of animation no to overcrowd the audience.

    4. Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose
      -straight ahead animation can loose size and proportion but can make a animation look spontaneous.
      -Pose to pose planed animation proportions more consistent

    5. Follow Through and Overlapping Action
      -Nothing stops at once, if a body stops the trailing limbs/hair /clothing should continue to catch up.
      -Every action has a follow through

    6. Slow In and Slow Out
      -Fewer drawings creates faster action, more creates a slower paced scene
      -Combination of this to create contrast

    7. Arcs
      -ALL ACTION follow the circular motion of arcs, unless it is mechanical.
      -Acs create a natural looking animation

    8. Secondary Action
      -Adds to the main action of the animation,  can exaggerate the main action, but not overpower the main action. Makes the animation more appealing.

    9. Timing
      -A variety of slow and fast movement creates contrast, excitement in a scene. getting the timing right helps to ad flair

    10. Exaggeration
      You can Never too much exaggeration. exaggeration makes the animation look exciting. not stiff or mechanical.

    11. Solid Drawing (same or different as Weight)
      -Drawings with form, solidity and weight as in classical drawing the same in animation.

    12. Appeal
      -Creating intrigue from the audience. every character has appeal.
      -Easy to read design, Personality.

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