Last night my beautiful aunt and I headed over to Lincoln Road and had delicious sushi at Sushi Samba! Last night was my first time at the restaurant and I absolutely LOVED it! The food was delicious, the atmosphere was phenomenal, and the staff was extremely welcoming! I would rate my overall experience 5 stars!

Now, BAD NEWS! After the Kissland Tour when I landed back to Miami. I was feeling all types of way and not good ways bad way. First week, I felt dizzy 24/7 for litterally a week I was taken to the hospital and they told me I had vertigo. Afterwards, the week passing, i felt off balance as if I were drunk, literally 24/7 same story went to the hospital and the DR gave me meds as if it were vertigo. After those syptoms went away I felt a tingling sensation at work on the right leg. After work, I was emitted to the hospital for a month. I knew something was wrong because I NEVER get SICK, EVER. DM me for more info. All in all turns out I’m OK :) That is the best news! I just have to STRESS LESS! BY THE WAY, I had the BEST NURSES AND CP’s at the East Tower they made me feel so comfortable and we’re so attentive. I love you all!!!!!!!

*Excuse the mess in the my room* Trust me, I can’t stand a messy room, every time I’m finished getting ready I ALWAYS clean my room quickly before I leave! On another note, I was rushing to head to the station right after my work. I had to change into my new BCBG dress that I purchased at and needed to take a picture of the dress before my day got even more hectic! I am in love with dresses!