This paper doesn’t work that well. Buuuut it’s better than the other one lolol.
To answer the other post yes the container used to be white. Now it’s transparent. So … That’s ink you see~

TOO casual Loki’s Day/o/ 

well it’s Thursday here…so.. llool

thanks to those who watched me doodle this in livestream awhile ago /o/ 


wonder who loki’s talking to…? hmm…


Instadump # How you two got together we’ll never know.

Happy Advanced Hearts Day~ <3

somehow these days I’ve been drawing them more frequently …. must be the season … 

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Alcyone (c) Hyamei

Lucius is my idiot 


I wonder if Bolin and Mako had sibling rivalry
i think it’d be cute if they showed it in the series lolol
Bolin puffing his cheeks and getting annoyed and disagreeing with Mako lolol <333
—-thanks tumblr… now instead of Bolin i keep typing BROlin OTL
//image and bonus image showed at 100% full size.//so messy ya

//goes to bed o/