Shout-out to the guys in the back of the Bound Brook School District bus who waved to me on I-287 southbound today as I was driving in my Terezi costume plus my driving sunglasses.

Also, warning to everyone else: flood of Phillystuck photos incoming at some point soon… after I get the rest of this makeup off of me.  And a big apology to Halley for completely misremembering your username; I don’t know why the heck I was thinking “virulentmalapropisms” instead???

(Edit: and why doesn’t the “@” trick work for thecometobservatory?)


This is Sugar Bear wanting her belly rubbed. She is up for adoption in NJ and is a very very sweet chow mix.

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#NANDOSGRILLS: The Vamps & Neon Jungle - Part 1

Tune in to see Connor, James, Tristan and Bradley (aka The Vamps) and Asami, Shereen, Jessica and Amira (Neon Jungle) lift the lid on life in the spotlight over a PERi-PERi feast. Expect plenty of grilling, a serving of giggles and of course lashings of Extra Hot gossip along the way.