Fan: You get well along on and off creen, how long it took to develop that relationship?
Jared: I basically didn’t like him from the get go so… and it hasn’t really changed. I think it probably took you a while to realize we were.. doofuses.
Misha: Oh it took me an embarrassingly long time. Yeah, I didn’t get you guys at all until probably the end of season four.
Jared: That’s unfortunate.
Misha: Took about a year. Just feeling like I was being hazed. I was the freshman being hazed.
Jared: He kinda was. Some of you have probably heard the story, but the first day he showed up, and I knew he was gonna be there for a while, Jensen had a scene with him, and I was like “So what’s with the new guy, have you worked with him?”, Jensen’s like “Yeah, I had a scene with him.” and I’m like “What’s his deal?”, he’s like “He’s.. weird”. Swear to god. And we’re leaving the stage, so Jensen and I are walking to our trailers and I’m like “What do you mean?”, he’s like “He’s stranger than I thought but he’s nice– oh god, he’s right there.” And Misha was sitting on the back of a truck or something, I don’t know what you were doing, but you were just sitting there. Misha was kinda looking at us, I don’t know if you were method or something, or whatever it was, we were just like [waving to Misha]. “He’s kinda weird, huh?” So we thought he was a little strange. Now we know he’s strange.


Farewell to the dirty wizard. When Snow finished this wall a few years ago I told him I couldn’t imagine ever going over something like this. We never did. @carmelosnowsigona #graffiti #gardensk8 #urbanart #nj #nj12 (at GardenSK8 Indoor Skatepark (OFFICIAL))