Frozen in the Past: CR-S0119 x ʏᴜᴍᴇ

July 11, 1999.

His tiny digits collectively pressed his crayon gently, tracing one dot to the next. He never asked questions; he always did as he was told. Who knew this would measure out to be the precision in making incisions and treating lacerations? He had a lot of respect for his father for researching this all-cure serum, for teaching him everything he knew about medicine, and for giving him focus and direction in his life. Dedicating his life for the sake of humanity excited him.

His next operation was in just a few days. He’s really gotten his shit together this past few months. A slower pace between each procedure and two weeks prep time for each procedure was insane, but the number of Korean and Japanese anthologies he had to go through and all of this homework he was given was more than overwhelming. He stacked his papers on top of the other, reorganizing all of his homework assignments when there’s an abrupt creaking at the door.

"Kurohiro-kun, there’s someone I need you to look after," the voice echoed from outside the room as a little girl stepped in. "This is Project 0814, and she’s misbehaving, so I need you to do your best and pay extra attention to her." The little boy studied her closely, from her bare feet to the little bun on her head. She wasn’t someone he would exactly consider attractive, considering her looks, but something about the charisma in her eyes, he found very charming in her. "Yes father," he responded calmly and coherently as though it were his motto.

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Aint Misbehavin’ chris sullivan 1981 from chris sullivan animation on Vimeo.

this is my third animated film, done with a paint brush.
I was interested in this piece in the nition of notoriety through a famous death. and other notions of self demise.

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Summary Report for Saturday, September 06, 2014

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Uninvited Guest: CR-S0119 x Doctor Han

Myeongwoo University Hospital was impressive. As a matter of fact, he was very accustomed to this general setting, appreciative of its cleanliness. Nearly everything was kept orderly and symmetrical. He is followed by the tall men in dark suits, accompanied by another with a brown fedora. The chains of his shackles clanged in the air with each pace. His veins were pumped with adrenaline as this new prison would be his home.

It was outside of the operating room that he saw a slender woman with brunette colored hair in a fitted lab coat with Myeongwoo’s crest. The man with the brown fedora spoke for him as he quietly stared down at his loafers, slightly shaking the chain with his movements. With a sigh, the fedora man yanked at the convict’s wrist, pushing and twisting in the key to unbind him from the shackles. He twisted his wrists a little, opening and closing his hands, readjusting to his newly found ‘freedom’ at this new hospital location.

"The only time you’ll be out of your cuffs it during the operation," the man with the hat explained. "Remember, this is five years off of your sentence." He turned his head to her next. "His name doesn’t matter, so keep contact to a minimal; his prison number is CR-S0119 if you need to call him anything. We’ll be observing the surgery from above." The man tipped his fedora after winking at the slender woman as he walked away with his body guards.

"I’m just here to do my business. I presume we’ll be using an OLCVR operation for a dilated cardiomyopathy case. I’ve already received the patient’s data beforehand, so there’s no need to worry. Let’s operate."

sentimentalscientia said:

She absolutely hated hospitals. The cold sterility of mass produced tiles and white washed walls. The disgusting odor of dozens of cleaning agents and drugs. All with the briefest undertone of death. Thank goodness she never had a need for them. Here only on an errand to pick something up. Unfortunately, she had no idea where to go. Awkwardly she approached a tall male in a lab coat. "Um, excuse me. Sorry to bother you but where is the hospital director's office?"

"I apologize, but I am not too sure myself." He examined her closely, gazing into her eyes before they wandered up and down her figure as he slightly leaned in to her, catching her sweet scent. The natural luscious brown hair and curvy figure were things he had only seen in the illustrations of English anthologies. Seeing someone who wasn’t of pure Japanese or Korean descent piqued his interest. His naturally cold eyes pulled away from her as he turned his back, tucking his hands in his coat pockets. "Come. I believe it’s on another floor. I will accompany you."

koueji said:

Being too close to becoming mute, since she has little words to say to every people she interacts with, doesn't mean she isn't as observant as others; she notices a tall man along the streets when she leaned herself against a wall to listen to her iPod playing whilst waiting for her next class. There's something intriguing, as if something is behind that mask that hides his true identity, though she doesn't say anything about it, albeit the fact that her eyes never leaves his visage.

Fall season was beginning to cycle through, so his cream colored scarf didn’t stand too out of place in the city. The earthy smell of nature and outdoors was very apparent, considering he’d been either locked in a prison or locked in a hospital. There were no procedures today, and the objective given at hand was to take a thirty minute walk outside. Irritated that he wasn’t given a direction to go, he headed out randomly, finding himself lost. No matter, he can still trace his way back to the hospital whenever he wanted to. His peripheral vision wasn’t bad, He felt the stare of a girl, to which his eyes responded back with a short glance. Although she was decent looking, she seemed healthy enough for him to rapidly lose interest. His eyes refocused on the path ahead and the objective at hand. He held his wrist out to check the time. Damn, I only have ten minutes to get back. With this, he turned around and headed back to the hospital. He is a prisoner above all else.