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Last Beverage: milk tea
Last phone call: my mom
Last text message: “Omg u should try out for dance crew. I can’t go because I’ll jiggle if I dance”
Last song you listened to: The Zone- The Weeknd ft. Drake
Last time you cried: 2 days ago. I had to practice for the breakup scene in my musical :p


Dated someone twice: I wouldn’t consider them dates but I’ve had secret meet-ups at the library LOL
Been cheated on: no
Kissed someone and regretted it: haven’t had my first kiss~
Lost someone special: quite a number of people, either because I moved, change of interests over the years or other people came into the picture and things started to crumble apart *sigh* if you’re referring to a…”passing”, then yes, my grandparents
Been depressed: no, or at least I think so. 10th grade was an emotional roller coaster and there was a 3-month period where I was never happy. I came to a realization that not every friend is true and they were only there because I spoke to them during class; I mean, I still have about 5-6 friends who I hold onto dearly but I have a feeling that they don’t feel as close to me. > o < (yeah..that kinda got off-topic)
Been drunk and threw up: *sings* drunk in loooove~~~ with bubble tea :D HAHA nope
LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: pastel pink, light blue, sea green

Last year (2013), have you:

Made a newfriend: yes ^ ^ actually, friendS
Fallen out of love: with broccoli, then yes LOL I had this vegetable phase -___- otherwise, no
Laughed until you cried: yep! weird/random things always happen at a park nearby my house ahahaha
Met someone who changed you: one of my best friends…well we’re not friends aymore but we still talk. She changed my perspective on people, especially the ones in high school
Found out who your true friends are: began to (during 2013). 2014 though was when the truth definitely hit me. I still make new friends every now and then but I’m well aware of which friends I’m closest with
Found out someone was talking about you: this is a daily basis thing :p Topics spread so easily around school, regardless if they’re fact or false

Kissed anyone on your FB friends list: nooooo. I only made an FB account to play some of the games HAHA


How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: every one of them. ONE of them (the leader of my youth group > o <)


First surgery: none
First piercing: the typical, one on each ear
First best friend: pre-school (this was prior to kindergarten). Her name was Magel and we became best friends because we shared each other’s snacks lololol
First sport you joined: basketball
First vacation: Singapore (anybody been to Sentosa and the cable cars? :D)
First pair of trainers: (a.k.a. sneakers…I think) a small pair of white Garfield shoes


Eating: (4 hours ago) Chilli peppers stuffed with ground chicken and a side of spinach
Drinking: lemon water
I’m about to: edit the instrumentals to my musical number, look for songs I can use for my dance crew audition, listen to the CD version of Dark and Wild instead of the one I downloaded for free online AHAHAHA, check for fanfic updates, study for yet another chem and functions test and turn on the house heater because my house is chilly that I can even see some slight frost forming on my window O___O
Listening to: Crazy-Gnarls Barkley Remix by TEEMID and Joie Tan
Waiting for: Christmas break *cries*


Want kids: for sure, but 2 is the maximum
Get married: hopefully~
Career: Dentist (really, anything in the medical field; it’s just that dentistry only takes 7 years to complete and is not as pricey as med-school and that means I can start being financially-independent ASAP…I’m 16 and I should think of more “fun” things > u <


Lips or eyes: eyes because of the beautiful way they reflect light and their variety of colours AAANNDD they don’t get chapped or cracked hahaha. Oh, they are also able to express more complex emotions.
Hugs or Kisses: hugs because I want to share some body heat during the cold weather ^ ^
Shorter or Taller: taller because I’m not used to looking down at people hehe
Older or younger: either. For the most part, I seem more mature than my age personality-wise and I can better relate to people…say college-aged? Same-age/younger people bring fun and colour to my life lololol
Romantic or Spontaneous: both, though I’ve only experienced the latter, so I’m leaning towards spontaneous, for now ;D
Nice stomach or nice arms: either
Sensitive or Loud: sensitive, though being loud is entertaining as long as it’s used at the right time
Hook-up or relationship: RELATIONSHIP. Hook ups- NO WAY >:(
Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant. #goody-two shoes for life except when I get thirsty or procrastinate on homework


Kissed a stranger: no
Drank hard liquor: accidentally. My friend passed me a small cup of what looked like apple juice but it was actually whisky =___= Dunn worreeh, I threw it in the sink immediately
Lost glasses/contacts: I lost my first pair of glasses during recess when I was 9
Sex on first date: *Apink voice* NO NO NO >:(
Broke someones heart: yes, during the beginning of the year. He was extremely persistent to the point where it felt like I was being stalked. Now, he makes me look like the bad person =___= ( I apologize if I complain a lot about people. The people at my school are too dramatic and immature.)
Been Arrested: NOOOOOOOO
Turned someone down: twice. 1st time, this person ask if I wanted to go out with him and I thought he meant to go outside, mind you it was winter time (and I’m talking about a Canadian winter which can be kinda harsh) and there was 6 inches of snow and slight hail. 2nd time, I just described it in the previous question
Cried when someone died: more like bawl my eyes out, so yes, extremely
Fallen for a friend: yes ^ ^ we had this “tsundere” phase and unfortunately I never confessed, but he did. I still regret it to this day.


Yourself:95% of the time
Miracles: occasionally, though I’m a strong believer of good things happening as a result of hard work or a positive attitude
Love at first sight: with food, fo’ sure AHAHAHAHA
Heaven: yes
Santa claus: when I was younger, until I caught my parents trying to shove a giant Hershey bar into my Christmas sock. I was heart-broken for a day heuheuheu  In return, the chocolate brought my spirits up :D
Kiss on the first date: on the cheek but that’s as far as I’ll go for a long time (final answer: naaaahhh but I’ll go in for a hug  O u O)
Angels: eeehh..not really. It’s weird how I believe in heaven but not angels. Let me rephrase that: I don’t believe on the existence of angels on Earth but I’m sure that there are many of them in heaven.

Sorry that I got kinda personal, but hey, its ALREADY 2:30 A.M. WHAT O____O (just glanced at my clock).

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my finest hour on radio 104.5//these are the songs i played for my segment on philly radio 104.5 on august 18th, 2014. hope ya enjoyed it (◕‿◕✿)

001: car radio // twenty one pilots | 002: ways to go // grouplove | 003: unbelievers // vampire weekend | 004: santeria // sublime | 005: float on // modest mouse | 006: el scorcho // weezer | 007: in too deep // sum 41 | 008: you’re gonna go far kid // the offspring | 009: last nite // the strokes | 010: sell out // reel big fish | 011: miss jackson // panic at the disco | 012: dance, dance // fall out boy | 013: yeah yeah yeah // new politics

[listen here] 



nicknight is a german cable and satellite television network that broadcasts nightly over the channel space of Nickelodeon in Germany, Austria & Switzerland. It will start broadcast every night from 21:00 (9:00 p.m.) to 6:00 (6:00 a.m.) on October 1st, 2014. Nicknight appeals to adult and adolescent audiences with a lineup of mainly live-action sitcom reruns and a limited amount of original programming. The sitcoms How to Rock, See Dad Run, Instant Mom and Wendell & Vinnie will premiere on Nicknight in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also Nicknight will show reruns of tv shows like Awkward, Degrassi: The Next Generation, iCarly, Victorious and more.