OHO HO HO! Best of Haikyuu manga ~ Training Camp Arc! (WARNING: POSSIBLE HAIKYUU SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)




We demand the best toss!!!


Indeed Akaashi, 3 pieces of trash on one team is incredibly unbalanced.


Like I said, TRASH.


Can we take a moment to appreciate Tsukki and Hinata with matching facial expressions? xD


Tsukki looks terrified.


HAh. Akaashi and Kuroo’s wtf faces.


Ohohoho ho?!



Shota sparkles and Kageyama having no control over his facial expressions (*feelings cough*). Priceless.


Kenma’s adorable when he’s confused xD




Cingular, raising the bar.



Feed the boys!


Finishing Move= Owl Swoop~


I don’t have words….


Yachi’s dying lol


Top 2 in crappiness xD


Lev you’re an idiot on top of being trash.


3 Main Owl Phases.


What’s impressive is how well Akaashi handles Bokuto’s mood swings on a regular basis. Ohohohoho!

beautymaiden said:

Forgive me but this is a long one. How would the Karasuno and Nekoma ( and maybe Iwaizumi and Oikawa) boys react to seeing their SO / crush naturally curly hair (really curly!) down for the first time ? (Their SO /crush hides their crazy hair)

(Since the request asks for a lot of characters, we decided that it would be best to put their reactions in direct speech for it would have gotten out of hand otherwise. I totally butchered it though. So sorry about that! ;.;)

Sawamura: “So, that’s how your hair looks when you don’t put it up in a bun? It looks beautiful. Just like you.” (so smooth, Daichi!)

Sugawara: “This is the first time I’ve seen you wearing your hair down, isn’t it? You look stunning.”

Asahi: “Your hair, it’s… Ah? Eh. N-no. Nice.”

Ennoshita: “You really shouldn’t worry about what others say. It suits you very much.”

Tanaka: “You should always wear your hair like this, _____-chan. You look so… sexy.”

Nishinoya: “Woah, you look so cute!! Let me touch it. Eh? Why are getting so shy all of a sudden?”

Hinata: “_____-chan, your hair looks all whoosh and zoom, it’s amazing!!”

Kageyama: “Something’s different about you today. The-the hair… hah? Why would I hate it, idiot?”

Yamaguchi: “Eh? So you usually hide your curls? Well, I-I guess we all have something about us we don’t like. But y-you don’t have to be ashamed of your hair. At all.”

Tsukishima: “Nh? What are you getting so flustered for? You look fine.”

Kuroo: “Oho? What a sight to behold. Why did you hide your pretty curls from me up until now, _____-chan?”

Kenma: “Your hair today… it looks different… w-weird? No, i-it looks good.”

Kai: “You’re wearing your hair loose today. Hm? Why would I mind? It’s good like this, isn’t it?”

Yamamoto: “Your hair, it’s… No, I’m not crying. I’m just happy I get to see you looking so beautiful.”

Yaku: “Seriously, getting all worked up over something so trivial like this. Stop worrying, _____, you look pretty just as you are.”

Inuoka: “It’s so exciting to see your hair like this. Why do you usually try to hide it?”

Lev: “Woah, awesome!! Can I touch it?”

Fukunaga: Since he (pretty much) never talks, he’d probably just give a curt nod, his cheeks tinted a soft red.

Iwaizumi: “I-I really don’t understand why you would want to hide it.”

Oikawa: “Heh, I didn’t know your hair actually looks like this. And it’s so soft, too.”

~ Bekki

EDIT: added Fukunaga.

anonymous said:

How would Karasuno babies/Kuroo/Oikawa/Kenma/Bokuto ask their S.O. to prom?

Kageyama and Ennoshita would be quite traditional about it. When they got a moment alone with them in an intimate setting, they would take their partner’s hands in their and ask them with the utmost sincerity, if they would like to go to prom with them.

That dork Bokuto would go all out with his promposal. He’d show up at school with a bouquet of roses, and ask them in front of everyone - much to his partner’s dismay.
Oikawa would perhaps be just as showy about it, which also helped to ward off any fangirls. He would turn up at class with their favorite flowers, proclaiming that they would be his prom date.

Tsukishima would spend some time fussing over how he should ask them. In the end, he would bring it up quite casually, when they were cuddling on the sofa or something. He would remain cool on the outside, but his heart was nearly beating out of his chest in anticipation.

Hinata and Nishinoya would be the type to ask their partner to prom after winning a volleyball match. In the heat of the moment, they shouted up to where their partner was sitting, asking them to go to prom with them - in front of a gymnasium full of people.

As for how Sugawara would go about asking his partner to prom, I think that he would bake them cute little cupcakes - and across all of the icing would say ”Will you go to prom with me?”.

Asahi, being too embarrassed to ask them to their face, would leave them a  a stuffed bear and a note in their locker, saying ”I couldn’t bear it if you went to prom without me” what a fuckign dork
Kenma would ask his partner in a similar way, perhaps leaving them a little letter in their locker or something, with a little poem written on it.

Tanaka, not to be out-shined by Bokuto or Oikawa, would write ”Prom?” on 100 ping pong balls, and stuff them all inside his partner’s locker. As soon as they opened it, the message would be pretty clear.

Kuroo would ask his partner when they were having a night in, just sitting watching movies. He would order pizza for them, but specifically requests the delivery person to write a message on the inside of the box. When his partner opened the pizza, it said; ”Will you go to prom with me, or is this too cheesy?”

Sawamura and Yamaguchi would take their partner out for lunch, or for dinner when they were going to ask them. Yamaguchi would ask them whilst they were out, organizing to have their dessert delivered with a little message on the plate saying, ”Prom?”  Sawamura would walk them home, and once outside their house, he would pull them closer to him and ask them ”Will you go to prom with me?”.


anonymous said:

If the Karasuno boys+ Oikawa, Iwaizumi, and Kuroo had dragons, what do you think they would name them? I'm sorry this is so random, I just really like dragons.

((I had to do research since I know nothing about dragon names lmao. Also, I’m only going to list the names they’d give their dragons but not an explanation since I myself don’t even know. Sorryy))

Daichi: Raziel

Sugawara: Gavarenth

Asahi: Tanit

Nishinoya: Apophis

Tanaka: Pythius

Ennoshita: Tiamat

Hinata: Volos 

Kageyama: Hudraer

Tsukishima: Ophiuchus

Yamaguchi: Askook

Oikawa: Tezcacoatl

Iwaizumi: Vritra

Kuroo: Nighith

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anonymous said:

could you please do ticklish and where for karasuno (+ennoshita)? (btw you're amazing)

Sawamura: His lower back.

Sugawara: Anywhere if it’s his partner doing the tickling ;)

Tsukishima: He tries his best to resist, but he’s super ticklish around his neck.

Yamaguchi: His knees, and down his spine especially.

Hinata: He’s literally ticklish everywhere.

Kageyama: He wouldn’t be ticklish.

Tanaka: He’s ticklish on his sides, just below his ribs.

Asahi: The nape of his neck.

Nishinoya: His tummy and chest.

Ennoshita: The small of his back, and his thighs.