Didn’t really stop to think about it while watching the anime, but reading the manga now and knowing just why Suga is so overprotective of the broken mop when Yamaguchi threatens to throw it away because it might be dangerous, I can’t help but think that when he says “if we repair it, we can use it again”, that he’s also talking about Noya and Asahi. Because if they can fix what happened between the two of them, they’ll also come back to the club.

I also believe it has to do with Noya’s job as the libero because


Maybe I’m just looking too much into it, but I really don’t think the word “repair” was used coincidentally around an event regarding the guy that is supposed to connect everyone. Yamaguchi was right in wanting to throw the mop away because indeed it was dangerous, but Suga intervened and took it away from him saying they could repair it, just like they could repair the connection between the libero and the ace, between the libero and the rest of the team.

That said




anonymous said:

how would karasuno babies, kuroo, bokuto, kenma, oikawa and iwaizumi try to make their s.o laugh really hard? really appreciate the hard work!! thank youuuuu!!!

Daichi, Asahi and Iwaizumi would just tickle their partner, because they all didn’t know exactly what else to do or say to make their partner laugh.

Sugawara would wear something funny to make his partner laugh really hard. Or put googly eyes on himself or on anything his partner usually used like a pen or a notebook.

Bokuto, Nishinoya, Tanaka, and Hinata would purposely embarrass themselves to make their partner laugh, “accidentally” tripping into certain things to get a laugh out of their partner.

Kageyama, Yamaguchi, and Ennoshita would try to say a joke that they learned from someone else, but wouldn’t really be able to pull it off that nicely. Kageyama and Yamaguchi wouldn’t really know how else to make their partner laugh, while Ennoshita would resort to talking about funny times during volleyball practice.

Kuroo and Oikawa would try to make their partner laugh by telling a funny story about other people. Exaggerating the way they spoke and moved to make the story even funnier.

Tsukishima and Kenma wouldn’t exactly know how to make their partner laugh. They would probably end up telling them jokes they got from the video games they played or ones that they stumbled from on the internet.

Favorite two panels from 126...

This. Like how awkward and cute is this interaction?


And this. OMG this new kid is too much. Look at these dorks. And Aone being a senpai and giving compliments. This was all perfect.


Who else is so ready to finally see Noya make a successful libero toss in a match? Ya know it’s coming eventually

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karasuno boys favorite things for their S.O. to wear?? ((ex. pajamas, shorts, their clothes etc)) I think it's be cute uvu

Hinata: Their swimsuit.

Kageyama: Their normal clothes.

Daichi: Their underwear.

Sugawara: His Karasuno jacket.

Tanaka: His boxers.

Nishinoya: Baggy t-shirts.

Asahi: Pajamas.

Tsukishima: His jersey.

Yamaguchi: Shorts.

Ennoshita: Tank tops.

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nekoma and karasuno reacting to their s.o leaving visible bites and hickies on their body for all to see

Asahi and Kai would quickly ask their partner to stop. Asahi would fluster for a bit before telling his partner directly to stop leaving visible bites and hickeys, while Kai would calmly ask them if they could stop because he honestly found it quite embarrassing.

Ennoshita, Daichi, Sugawara, and Yaku would tell their partner to stop it, but if their partner decided to continue, they would all make sure to take their revenge and place twice as much hickeys on their partner’s bodies.

Tanaka, Yamamoto, and Hinata would get pretty shocked and might push them away without thinking. They would quickly tell them that it wasn’t because they didn’t like it, but they just didn’t want anyone at school to find out about it and tease them about it.

Kageyama and Kenma would instantly tell their partner to stop, maybe even coming off a bit angry as they didn’t want to get teased for it. They would just find it troublesome having to make up excuses for their hickeys and bites if ever people asked them about it.

Fukunaga, Yamaguchi, Inuoka, and Shibayama would shyly tell them to stop it. It was embarrassing enough to have their partners bite and leave hickeys on them, but they wouldn’t be able to handle getting teased about it at school.

Kuroo, Nishinoya, Lev, and Tsukishima would accept it as a challenge and would try to put as much hickeys on their partner as they could. Or “punishing” them in return for the hickeys they got, making sure that their partner wouldn’t even be able to walk straight the next day.

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If the karasuno boys (including ukai, both managers, and takechan) got jobs not related to volleyball, what would it be?

Hinata: Caretaker (like at a daycare).

Kageyama: Coach. (I know you said not volleyball related, but I cannot think of anything else for him!)

Daichi: Personal trainer.

Sugawara: Kindergarten teacher.

Tanaka: Martial Arts teacher.

Nishinoya: Photographer.

Asahi: Musician.

Tsukishima: IT support.

Yamaguchi: Veterinarian.

Ennoshita: Kindergarten teacher too.

Kiyoko: Writer/author.

Yachi: Dancer.

Ukai: Shop owner.

Takeda: Teacher still.

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i know you're not taking requests but omg if you're drawing noya i have so many ideas for him, imagine noya in eyeliner and a leather jacket with his hair slicked back, or noya with an undercut, or noya in a cardigan, sorry i just think about this a lot and i wanted to share


for you, anon