bearerofwisdom said: Woah hold up you are a Washingtonian??

Yes! :D I used to be about 22-ish minutes away from Nintendo of America HQ, not sure how far away from there now- I know that it’s about half an hour’s drive to the other house, so…

I’m closer to Seattle now though, about 25 minutes I think? But I’m about 10 minutes drive away from the school I go to, versus half an hour from the other house. :B

I’ve been in Washington for a majority of my life, born in the south though.

(Also if you’d like to be penpals with me in the future or whatever, please let me know, since I consider you a friend and we’re also mutuals, aha)


NES, Smash, and Persona Q 3DS XLs announced ⊟

Nintendo of America announced three (!) special edition 3DS XLs today! The Smash Bros. system releases in red and blue on September 19, the NES edition hits on October 10, and the Persona Q portable comes out on November 25.

Please note that all of them are priced at $199.99 and do not include a bundled game, even though two of them are branded with specific titles. Also, all of them will be exclusive to GameStop. Ughhhhhhhhhhh.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases


Here’s a cool little t-shirt design by artist Robert Retiano featuring classic characters that have survived the 8-bit era of gaming as Marvel’s Avengers. There’s Donkey Kong as the Incredible Hulk, Link as Captain America, Mega Man as Iron Man, and Mario as Thor.

What oldschool video game characters would be Black Widow and Hawkeye?

Pre-order Fire Emblem: Awakening At Gamestop And Get Art Book

Nintendo and Gamestop announced a special bonus you get for pre-ordering the game at any Gamestop location: a free artbook! See the gorgeous character and concept art by Yusuke Kozaki, who also did character design and art for No More Heroes!

If you’re interested in getting the book, be sure to get your pre-order in before it’s too late!