SuperMisurino's Neko Studio is going to partecipate to this year Kemoket, a kemono only event in Japan! ^w^?

I am guest of their Kemono artbook, which is full of fan- and original artworks….like this! ;)

Neko Studio will bring its artbook and a lot of original gadgets to this year’s Kemoket, a kemono only event that is going to be held on the 4th of May in Yokohama, Japan!

Your should go and check Neko Studio tumblr blog for more info about this special artbook!

And, if you can, go to Japan’s Kemoket event and meet Neko Studio’s circle! ^-^


My part of an art swap with glamdoodle! I wanted to try doing collaborative work with friends this year, and I really enjoyed doing this! I did the lines for Donkey Kong, Glam did the colors.

I love the Nintendo commercial that featured Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her song Kisekae. DK was very cute, but I think he also should have gotten an outfit? I really love how this turned out, the colors are so Kyary.

Glad I got to work with you, Angel!


I did a DK-themed collab with Genchi! AS MUCH AS I LOVE KYARY we both felt like the new3ds CM did a bit of a disservice to DK and Diddy, so we remixed their outfits! I LOVE drawing cute outfits and I LOVE KYARY (and I guess I love Kongs too now..) so this was super fun!! I sketched out and did the lines on this while Gen did the beautiful coloring~ Check out the DK version we did together on his blog, too!