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what does nintendard999 mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

No, I don’t make money using that website.

Nintendard is a name I use for myself on the internet and has always been since between 2003 and 2004. Amongst my friends, I had been a source of ridicule because of my love for Nintendo. Mainly the reason was that everyone at the time was more interested in the original Xbox and Playstation, including the rumors for the upcoming releases of the Xbox 360 and PS3. I continued to be dedicated to Nintendo and I was the only one in my grade level to look forward to the upcoming release of the Wii. I had been mocked on the internet as well ,and both groups had dubbed me a retard. I had been named a retard around my fellow “gamers,” as well as a troll because I looked troll-ish (The troll thing is a different story: I consider myself one of the very few first people to use this term because I later became quite an aggravating person to my bullies and mocking them to the point that our roles switched and then I became the bully, or in other words, “a troll who trolled others.” Being called a troll because I looked ugly was quite a coincidence with what followed afterward… I was nicknamed the troll until I moved away 2 years later) Anyway, I felt that if I was to be called a retard from my fellow peers only because I remained a Nintendo fan, then so be it. They began with “Nintendo retard,” and then I merged the name together, “Nintendard” hence tricking everyone else to call me this (aside from troll). Everyone later found out I enjoyed my ‘mean’ nicknames. I copyrighted (well to the best of my power from preventing anyone on taking it, with email and websites using the same name) my name back then, when using it for the very first time on the internet. Everyone has asked me ‘what it means’ ever since.

Since then, I have used this name for everything. So when I meet people online on a site and they want to add me on another site, they look for the same name. Although, rarely there were times where they sent messages to other people named Nintendard. Oh well. Since I still use the name today, I am still and always will be a dedicated Nintendo Fan since 1994 (around the time where I first began to think, before that I was kind of out in my own world)

I added the ‘999’ at the end for no entire reason, although I do remember doing it for the email I used before 2003, where I made another one using ‘nintendard.’ (people seemed to believe that it meant the year I was born, ex 1999 —> 999, which is highly innacurate because i was born way before that…) It was sonicrocks999 and it made it easy for me to remember, at least thats what I could recall. 

I hope that answers your question.

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dkhdlskjl nnnhhhh ilove ur blog too stares at the sun cries



nintendard said: I JUST BOUGHT IT TOO


finily said: sen was just freaking out about seeing your brother play Bravely Default, while we still were playing the demo. You’ll see a post about that soon www

hahaha my brother actually cleared the demo in like, a day… day and a half? although i’m not sure if he got 100% completion like you and sen!!! he has a lot of free time so when he plays games, it’s just nonstop…. i was too busy playing xillia and doing other things to play the demo, so i’ll probably just pick it up from the full = v=