Another epic video has hit your Tumblr feed! This time, heavy metal, invisibility, teleporting, machine guns, bow and arrows, stabbing, explosions, squirrel suits, elephant drive bys, sniping and death from aboves! All taken from one night of Far Cry 4’s PVP mode!


Being an assassin, which is what ninjas were, is a very timing-precise job.  But back in the day, Japan did not have watches. What were they to do?Ninjas were trained in nekome-jutsu, which was the ability to tell time just by looking at a cat’s eye very closely. Cats have very sensitive eyes, and their pupils adjust to the changing light throughout the day. In early morning, a cat’s pupils are round and fully open to allow in as much light as possible. Between around 8:00 AM and noon, their pupils become more oval-shaped to block out the excess light as the Sun rises higher. A cat’s pupils are narrowest at noon when the Sun is at its peak. Just by looking at cats’ eyes, ninjas were able to accurately guess to within the hour what time it was.


Danny has no patience for ninjas. I noticed this a while ago. First he gets annoyed and captures Burtrand as soon as he changes into a ninja in My Brother’s Keeper. Then in Public Enemies he’s fighting Quan when he uses ninja moves and Danny smashes him into the ground so hard it leaves a crater.

This makes me think about the secret trio and how he would react to Randy