fic title: i’ll take thee away

pairing: felix/pan 

summary: felix is unmade and remade and whatever he was before peter is not important anymore. that works for him just fine. [dark]


This is the reality of Peter Pan; he wants you to want it. Wants you to give in and not fight him, to stay by his side and love him and respect him. Wants you to want him

That doesn’t mean you have a choice on the matter.

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cs au; athena, the goddess of wisdom & ares, the god of war

They never said it aloud, but somehow they both knew; that kiss had undone an entire lifetime of memories—-brought them rushing back like water flowing from a broken dam. And she could see it in his eyes, the pain, the longing, the desperate need to understand her blatant refusal to acknowledge those memories.

She couldn’t go back to that—-to that hidden, painful and untimely love that destroyed them in the end.


“Ruby, you’re staring.”

She’s spilled hot chocolate on her sweater and changing in Granny’s laundry room had suddenly become a public activity. Emma is not amused.

(No matter how much her skin flushes feeling Ruby’s gaze on her.)

“What? You’re hot,” she grins as she says it but her smile falters a touch when Emma doesn’t respond right away.

“Is that okay?”

Emma ducks her head, her attempt at indifference cracking at Ruby’s tenuous tone, a tiny smile growing on her face.

“Yeah,” she breathes, looking up at her.

Ruby’s grin comes back immediately.

“Well, I’d hope so. I mean, you did spend like an hour staring at my butt this morning.”

She feels the blush creep up her cheeks and it is ridiculous that her heart is beating hard and her breath is getting shallow. She doesn’t even think it’s possible anymore but Ruby smiles wider, moving closer to her, her hands fiddling with the buttons on her shirt.

“Do you maybe wanna go get dinner or something later?”

“Not here!” She adds hastily, looking up at her and Emma doesn’t know where her courage comes from but she says yes, a laugh on her breath.

For Nini (niniadepapa)

cs au ; Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom & Ares, the God of War.

Baby when we’re touching in the dark, can you feel it?
I can hear the pounding of my heart, can you feel it?
When you take my body to the stars, I believe it
Boy this love is supernatural, can you feel it?

      She told him he should stay away—-there was no possible way they could continue this little game of theirs, in her opinion. No way for them to pursue this—whatever it was—without eventually getting caught and facing the wrath of Zeus himself.

            Yet every night he would walk back to the place where they swore it was the end, and she would be there, waiting, needing, craving.

      She would look at him with that silver gaze, that conflicted, broken stare and his very being ached for her, all the while hating her all the same—-could she not see what she was doing to him? The frustration of being told that she could not be with him, of being told that she refused to let herself love him? She had to know how much pain she was causing him—-causing them by fighting it.

                Their very souls called to each other and still she fought against it.

           Against him.

                        He refused to believe that this was how they would spend the remainder of their existence. He would make her see that their was no other way for them to be, unless it was with each other. No matter if she argued, or or fought—-

                                    He’d be damned if he let her slip right through his fingers.