In Brythonic mythology, an Asrai is a type of aquatic faerie similar in some ways to mermaids, nixies, selkies, sirens, or morgens. Some sources describe them as timid and shy, standing only between 2 and 4 feet tall, while others depict them as tall and lithe. They are said to look like beautiful young maidens, sometimes as young as children, while actually being hundreds of years old. They may have webbed hands and feet, resembling some descriptions of selkies

If an Asrai is seen by a man, her beauty is so great that, according to folklore, the man will instantly wish to capture her. The Asrai are as deathly afraid of capture as they are of the sun, for if captured or if even a single ray of sunlight touches them, it is said that they die and turn into a pool of water.

The tale told of one fisherman who caught an Asrai claims that the touch of her skin was so cold, that where the Asrai touched his arm while pleading for her freedom — and her life — the flesh has never been warm since.

Their inability to survive daylight is similar to that of the Scottish Fuath.

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The undines (or ondines) are water spirits. Sometimes they show themselves to humans as mermaids or sirens, who live and frolic in the waves. Seafarers’ folklore abounds with tales of these alluring creatures. Although usually described as quite beautiful, undines can be capricious. Their element — water — governs the emotions, and undines may shift moods unexpectedly. Undines relate best to sensitive, intuitive, and artistic people who don’t try to repress their own emotions.

Other water spirits from around the world include Aganippe (a Greek water nymph who lives in the stream that provides poetic inspiration to the Muses), apo (Persian water spirits), gahongan (Iroquois water spirits), and Nakki (a Finnish water genie whom you can bribe with coins).

Invite the undines to assist you when you’re doing love spells. They’ll also come to your aid if you seek creative inspiration or want to improve your intuition. Sit quietly beside a body of water and gaze at the surface. Soon you may notice circular spots where the current seems to move more rapidly or bubble — those are the water spirits. Undines are fond of perfume and essential oils. Pour some scent in a stream, lake, or other body of water to thank them for helping you with a spell and they’ll continue to serve you.

Hey it´s bren here ;) as you know I love greek mythology so i will update my nymphs page (faves). As you know nymphs used to be beautiful girls with powers daughters of differents gods and goddess and they were important in several myths and greek cultures stuff.

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xrachieannx asked:

Hey there I love your blog:) I was wondering if you clouds help me out.... Do u know if there is anything magical or "paranormal"(not trying to be disrespectful I just can't word it right) about eyes that can change completely different colours with moods,or just out of the blue and not just blue or green but orange and a deep dark motley green? Also my eyes have sort of spikes that shoot out of the centre if my eyes to about I don't know maybe 3/4 of the way across my eyes and are black?

Unfortunately I can’t give you any “paranormal” explanation for the color of your eyes :(

The only “strange” thing I know about the eye color is that: in the Italian tradition it’s said that people who have the eyes of two different colors are fairies/nymphs or are daughters of fairies/nymphs.

Maybe some of my readers knows more. Someone can help us?