Ask, and you shall receive

So I know I’m late in posting today-haven’t done a great job of keeping the queue fed and happy. However, I did just get my new AmazonBasics Camera Backpack, which is really exciting.

You might remember a couple days ago me posting about my need/desire for this pack, as I had just gotten a new (to me) camera, along with two lenses, necessitating a bag that I could carry all of my camera stuff in, and still keep it organized. In addition to the two lenses that fit my Minolta (the new member to my family), I got a Canon 50mm 1.8f that I traded to my good friend Amber Talley (click on her name to view her Facebook page, she’s a great photographer) in exchange for this great bag.

I got it home and after tearing all the dividers out, I rearranged them to fit my equipment, and here’s how it looks:

So I’ve got two cameras (my trusty Nikkormat and the new Minolta), their attached lenses, a telephoto (135mm 2.8), a zoom (28-200mm 4.0), and two flashes. I don’t have body caps for either of the cameras (or a lens cap for either side of the Minolta, or a back lens cap for the Nikon), but when I get those, things will get a little more organized than they are right now.

Also, I am a tall fellow (at 6’4”), and the bag sits rather high on me, so some sort of modification to the straps is going to have to happen at some point, cause the hip straps might fit on a tiny woman’s hips, but right now it’s right around the middle of my belly, which in addition to looking a little silly, doesn’t really put the weight on your hips, which is the entire REASON for hip straps, as you can see in the photo.

Lemme tell ya, a buckle in your diaphragm isn’t exactly comfortable. But, I’ll take it for now, since I can carry BOTH of my cameras in relative comfort. Pretty pumped about it. I do need to get some sweet patches for it, though.