We Love Sawdust!!

Every time we play the Sawdust Art Festival we walk away with new friends and some memorable moments with the artists and fans that we have met there!

Tonight we played opposite another great band, Jeff Crosby and his band killed it! We also got to feel right at home, welcomed like we have been a part of this festival for years. #Shamus is now the president of our fan club, Laguna Beach Chapter. #KenMattsonArt and #BullheadChocolateOnline are just beacons of light and love with their amazing pieces and beautiful spirits! #DurdenArt let us cut his hair, Mohawk! Yes, we brought clippers upon request so that we could Mohawk someone!!! Then #Nikolei got in on the action. MOHAWKS ALL AROUND! And there is Instagram video of the whole affair, check it out :)

Well, onto the next adventure, Pheonix on Monday :) I’ll be sure to bring my clippers on the road for another Mohawk patrons!

wsjourney said:

♥ = Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.) ⊙﹏☉ = What flusters the character

♥ = Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.) 

Augra — Homosexual; she likes feisty, animated personalities but isn’t really all that picky about the women she meets.

Phaerux — Demiromantic, potentially demisexual; he likes anybody and everybody. He lacks the emotional capacity to love or lust; thus, he can engage in sex, just not connect through it.

Aislynn — Heterosexual, perhaps bicurious; she is attracted to those taller/larger than her but mostly just strong, quiet types.

Akhrana — Bisexual aromantic; she dislikes people as a rule but enjoys being around what little friends she has (sometimes). Sex is fun but is used as a past time rather than a means of gaining or engaging in a relationship.

Nikolei — Pansexual; he is attracted to those who possess both confidence and humility, someone who does not fear showing who they really are but who also don’t feel the need to brag about it either.

⊙﹏☉ = What flusters the character

Augra — When she fails at something she is normally very good at, such as losing a bet or getting her ass handed to her in a brawl/fight.

Phaerux — Flustered? What’s that?

Aislynn — Unexpected gestures of goodwill and friendship, compliments.

Akhrana — Very little. Perhaps the only thing that could fluster her is being reminded of her past. It’s a good thing very few know her that well.

Nikolei — Being the center of attention, his work under scrutiny, bringing up any past failings. 

anonymous said:


Nikolei sits quietly at his workstation, heavy shoulders hunched and leaning over the low desk. A faint blip echoes from the mounted screen nearby but the mordesh remains focused on his task. It beeps again, louder and more incessantly, until finally the mordesh jumps up with a start from the noise. 

Muttering to himself, he shuffles over to shut off the alarm, smoothing down his I-haven’t-bothered-fixing-it-even-after-sleeping-at-my-desk hair. He then taps at the screen, widening and displaying the message with a few flicks of his fingers. His eyes widen with horror as he sees the dreaded words displayed on the screen… 


He was never going to live those pictures down, was he….

zombrawgs said:

† Augie, ° Aislynn, ♥ Cassian Esper, ♪ Phaerux, ☆~(ゝ。∂) Akhrana, (/□\*)・゜ Nikolei

† = How the character feels about murder

Augie — She’s not averse to it. Her job occasionally necessitates murder, though she (and her fellow crewmates) would not consider it as such. That doesn’t mean it makes it any less difficult for her to sleep at night.

° = The character’s temperature preferences 

Aislynn — Aislynn comes from a high altitude, windy landscape and in her growing up years always had to be very warmly clothed. Now that she has experienced the many different kinds of weather on Nexus, Aislynn is inclined to say that hot and dry weather is her favorite. She can wear the loose-fitting, light clothing she enjoys wearing and can get a little sun in the process.

♥ = Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.)

Unnamed Cassian — He’s still very much a WIP but… I would probably say that he is homosexual. He would probably be attracted to jerk-ish personalities, I think.I’ll have more on him later. 

♪ = What music the character likes

Phaerux — Although Phaerux cannot necessarily say he enjoys a particular type of music, the mechari can often be found listening to patriotic orchestral and choral recordings. Upbeat and exciting music seem to be very popular with many of the people he comes in contact with lately, so he has started listening for study.

☆~(ゝ。∂)= How the character greets people

Akhrana — “What do you want now?”

(/□\*)・゜ = What makes the character blush

Nikolei — Inappropriate questions are a sure bet. Compliments on his work are another. He’s not particularly bashful but some topics are perfect for eliciting a ridiculous amount of blushing.

Nikolei is a Whale.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 to make this, and I also used an underwater texture from google, but other than that, just Photoshop.
This is probably one of three other things I have done without using photo manipulation, this being the second.
It took about two hours to make, but seeing Nik’s expression was well worth it. It’s bumpy, but this was my first time actually “drawing,” on Photoshop.