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Nike KD V - My Breakdown on the Overall Design and Inspiration 

As with all things in life, things will eventually come full circle. Need I remind you that the outsole from the Jordan 1 and 3 are still used to day on many of his Team Jordan and lifestyle sneakers. But you don’t hear anyone bring that up right? If it still works, why not keep it? As far as the Nike KD V, here is my take on what I think the shoe resembles as far as shoes that have released prior to it. 

  • A) Nike Hyperdunk 2010 - It shares the overall upper design and silhouette. The lateral outrigger is also apparent as it is with most Nike Basketball models. The midsole thickness is similar as well.
  • B) Nike McFly - The heel cup from the McFly looks kind of like the KD V, but the the KD heel cup comes from the midsole rather than being separate on the McFly. Adds a nice touch and design to the overall look on the KD. 
  • C) Nike Hyperagressor - This is probably the most accurate comparison to the KD V. Both have the same collar height, style and design. They share the same Air-Max Heel Unit for impact protection and Nike Swoosh placement. The upper on both sneakers are also very alike. If you added Nike’s current exposed Flywire on the Hyperagressor, you’ll have the exactly twin of the KD V. 
  • D) Nike Hyperfuse (First Gen) - KD V has that padded ankle collar sort of like the Air Jordan 5 and original Hyperfuse. Personally, I love it. I’ll take as much padding around the ankles if it isn’t a low top. 

Now these are just a few sneakers that came to mind. Now is that a bad thing that they use the same inspired designs/aesthetic features from past models? No. At the end of the day, it’s stil going to sell out or sell enough because of the success of the previous model, the Nike KD IV. As far as performance, I am sure it will be just as good if not better than the KD IV. Most had a problem with it’s narrow fit, so let’s hope they fixed that and other issues.

Don’t assume i’m just completely knocking out the KD V. The LeBron 10 looks like a super advanced, beefed up LeBron 8 whereas the Kobe 8 looks like a hybrid of the Kobe 5-7. It’s just the way it is. I’ve accepted it and we all should as well. Much props to the designer Leo Chang and the rest of them from Nike’s Innovation Kitchen. I understand that it is quite difficult to have a unique design every single time from a designers stand point. Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield designed the Jordan line with the same intentions on keeping the stuff that worked and improving it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. One of the most successful basketball shoes follow the same concept, the Nike 2K4. The Nike Huarache 2K4 was a fusion of the Nike Blazer, Air Foce 1, Nike Huarache, Jordan 11, Nike Air Penny 4, and the Nike Hyperflight. 

So just like trends, music, and design, all things will come full circle eventually. For Nike, the KD V is epitome of that and I applaud them for it. Before, I was closed minded and hate how it looks so dull and generic because of how unique the KD IV was. But it’s all good. I’ll definitely be picking up a few pairs for basketball. I’m sure it’ll be a great sneaker which is what it’s all about anyways. Buying what you like. Playing in them for the sport we all have grown to love, basketball.