problem: i want to map the tilt of my scroll wheel to switch between spaces (which i keep in a row) when i push it to the left or the right. steermouse accomplishes this, but makes my mouse fail in firefox. (which is unacceptable)

solution: using the application controllermate, which is ridiculously complicated, and some googling- i achieved success. i am now in a blissful, computery state.

here’s what’s happening in the screenshot: the black tab is the AC pan on the mouse. there is no ‘button’ for tilting the scroll wheel so instead you set it to look for a certain value input. the blue tabs state -1 is the value when tilted left, +1 when tilted right. underneath that, on the green tab, is something to set only if you have conflicts with other settings on the mouse. set it to .50s if you experience this. the bottom, gray tabs state the key commands to activate each spaces action.

why is this so complicated? because apple only let’s you pick from 4 different shortcuts to do this particular action. (dicks.)