Hey! I’ve been researching about selling my own dakimakuras and various Tumblr users help me a lot! Thanks everyone! But I’m still looking for info.

I have not finished the drawings yet, but if I showed you a preview of one of the sides, it’s fair to show you a preview of the other side. Now I’m shading it!


Do you like Shy Jack? ♥

The first side I made: http://vaulthunternika.tumblr.com/post/57911023249/remember-when-i-said-today-i-was-drawing

Why everyone can buy the “upgrade pack 2” and I cannot see it…?

Oh wait…

I forgot that I’m from Europe and it’s not available until tomorrow.


I just killed the Sheriff again.
Jack was more pissed when I broke his statues in Opportunity that when I killed his girlfriend.
That says a lot about the relationship they had.

Today is my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend

I just won a bid for a Nintendo 3DS for him.

He told me that if I gave him a 3DS, I would not be forced to buy any gifts in three years (until our 7th anniversary exactly) while he would continue making me gifts on anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine…

I won, by far. And he told me that by our 4th anniversary, he’ll give me the Borderlands artbook.

I’m very excited.