Mismatched protagonist duos, anime edition - go!

She’s a bubbly, pink-haired schoolgirl who’s secretly a magical princess from space! He’s a broodingly mysterious white-haired pretty-boy whose cursed blood carries a terrible power! Together… they fight crime!

(I like to imagine that every time he goes off on one of his grandly nihilistic rants, she interrupts him with a well-placed whack upside the head with her sparkly princess wand.)

  • Sociologist:Don't be shit to people.
  • People:...
  • Political Scientist:Being shit to people is a bad thing.
  • People:.... but is it?
  • Psychologist:Being shit to people makes them sad and stuff.
  • People:Yeah, but I'm not those people.
  • Economist:Being shit to people is a bad thing for the economy.
  • People:Oh, I mean if it's bad for the economy then maybe we shouldn't be shit to people, but idk like how not shit do I have to be?? is it hard???
It’s gonna be kind of shitty right before we die and realize all that time spent staring at screens could have been spent watching sunrises or listening to the waves come in instead.