this is a sneak peek of the little gift i’ve made for len's birthday~ i wish i could play more with the design for this one but it's hard when you barely have time to breathe D: i hope you'll like it anyway and that i won't end up getting killed by your mom eheheh 8D all the best once again! ♥

len-yan said: good luck hon, you can do it^^

hawkstout said: GOOD LUCK!!! I SEND ALL THE LUCKY THINGS TO YOU!! Four leaf clover, fake lucky rabbit’s foot, shooting stars, and little Robins cheering you on!

laissezlaissez said: Good luck!

supernova2395 said: GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!! <3 I didn’t go great but it didn’t go too badly » *crosses fingers* I have a super headache now so I’m not studying for the next one yet u.u