Sokka, visiting the Earth Kingdom alone from the Southern Water Tribe, found a small inn to live in for the visit. He didn’t know how long he’d stay there; he wasn’t in a hurry. He rented a small room for one and unpacked his belongings. His stomach growled and yearned for food. The trip from the South to the Earth Kingdom by boat took a while and he didn’t get a chance to eat very much on the way there. He saw a small place to eat nearby on the way to the inn so he decided to eat there. Grabbing his pouch of currency, he walked out of his room and the inn to the little restaurant. 

The place was packed with many locals and little tourists. Finally seeing a couple leave their table, Sokka zoomed and sat on the table as a waiter cleared it and handed him a menu. “I’ll have some roast duck and tea.” The waiter scribbled Sokka’s order down and collected the menu. The place was filled with loud chatter and it was a bit stuffy with so many people being in it. Sokka put his chin in his palm as he waited for his order.

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Tumblr people are weird .

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night-sk8r said:

"I agree on that. Oh what type of books are you into?"

Pretty much anything that grabs my attention.


I know that sounds vague, but it’s the best answer. Honestly, I don’t understand how anybody could be drawn to a particular genre and shun the rest. There are books that can reach out and grab you, even if you think you wouldn’t be interested in its type. Those are the best books you could possibly get your hands on, and that’s why you should give every book that catches your eye a chance.

Right now I’m reading Bel Canto. It’s beautiful, and the diversity of the characters is really charming.

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☾♥☽ lolll

☾♥☽ HUG ME             My muse will give yours a hug 

Little Sokka dug his feet an inch in the snow as he shyly shuffled them towards Reggie. Looking down as he shuffled towards Reggie, he put his hands behind his back. When he reached Reggie, he shyly lifted his arms and wrapped them around her legs, his head on her thigh as he gave her hug. He finally let go suddenly saying, “There- you-go!” and ran off in the snow towards his village.

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"That's a good way to look at things. And gives you a chance to try something new. I like to try different things as well and try things I find interesting though personally, I like science fiction the most."

If I absolutely had to choose, I would say adventure.


Since we can’t do the impossible, we might as well be entertained by characters who can.

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"I wasnt the anon but, I would like to have a day where I can be as carfree as SpongeBob. Random yes. How are you Squidward?" :)

I can’t really complain.


I just wish I had something productive to do. Reading is nice, but after a while even your favorite activity becomes dull.