Guys, I just realized something.

This one line here got me thinking…

Jamie Bennett was the last light…

The one who turned the nightmares back into dream sand…

And the first one to figure out what had to be done to bring Sandy back.

Plot twist: Sandy didn’t really die, he retreated into Jamie’s dreams!

we have to be prepared to die a thousand deaths before our horns are complete. looks like nightmare super wig will be making another appearance just in time for halloween B)

Does anyone ever wonder what the nightmare sand would feel like?

Would it be fine and silky, weaving its way through your pores and into your blood?

Or coarse and rough, the sensation of bugs crawling across your skin.

Perhaps it would be like the persistent itch you get when you don’t wash sand away properly.

Would it be hot like the sickly feeling of fear or would it be cold like the icy chill down your spine?


Happy 100th Birthday, Tyrone Edmund Power Jr.!

(May 5, 1914 – November 15, 1958)

"Everything he did, he had to do well and to the best of his ability, whether it was in his personal life, in his professional career, or in his service to his country… He was beautiful outside and beautiful inside."

—Cesar Romero

"[He] was a lovely gentleman with a great quality of imagination."

—Myrna Loy

"…the truest, handsomest, best of the lot."

—Darryl Zanuck

And, best of all, when asked what it was like to kiss Tyrone Power, Alice Faye would always reply…

"Like you’d died and gone to heaven."


"He was the most beautiful man I ever saw. No question." - Anne Baxter

"He had an aura about him that set him apart from everybody else. I had an enormous crush on him and felt his feet never touched the earth." - Coleen Gray

"There’s never been anybody else like him — that’s what makes stars — he was unique"- Roddy McDowall

Happy 99th Birthday Tyrone Edmond Power Jr(May 5, 1914 – November 15, 1958)