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5 facts about Alex and/or Verena. ^_^

OH GOSH THOSE TWO? You could not have picked a more un-alike pair. xDDD

1. Thought she was totally asexual until she hit her 30s, at which point she met the people she was supposed to be with and discovered she was demi-sexual instead. She initially thought her attraction to them was food poisoning or the flu. 
2. Eats anything in sight. Seriously. She’s a tiny little woman who devours all the food of any kind. The only time she doesn’t eat like a football player is when she’s extremely nervous or anxious. 
3. Has a bit of an accent kink. Ironically, she mistrusts anyone (especially supernatural creatures) that isn’t native to the Americas.
4. Sometimes forgets that other people have modesty and personal space. Will invite someone into the bathroom while she’s bathing and it doesn’t register that doing that isn’t “normal”. 
5. Was raised almost exclusively by her father. He was a supernatural cage-fighter to put her through college and pay the bills. Now she’s a mechanic to pay for him to finish school. 

1. Verena was inspired by the poem “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Emilie Autumn’s song “Shalott” (which is based off the poem). 
2. Her most precious possession is the silver snake ring she wears on the middle finger of her right hand, under her glove. It was a gift from the only person she’s gotten close to who’s never betrayed her.
3. She looks up obscure terms with which to insult people.
4. Almost all of her memories are bad or sad.
5. ……apparently she likes red sweets, like strawberry-flavored things or raspberry-flavored things. Huh. Didn’t know that before typing this. 

This stupid math building. So confusing. So creepy at night. Running down fire escapes with @housefullofglass who won’t stop to take pictures in windows with me. #gsu #nightlings (at Georgia Southern Math/Physics Building)

30-day weight loss challenge: Day 5

Why do you really want to lose this weight? Are you doing it for you? 

yes yes i am doing this for me!!! i want to be skinnier, healthier, fitter, prettier.  a few years back i used to swim professionally and i could climb up 6 levels’ worth of stairs to my classroom under 50 seconds and not feel out of breath. but now, even though my classroom is on the 4th level, i’m out of breath by the time i climb up those 16 flights. i feel lethargic all the time and just feel really unfit. it’s proven that people who exercise regularly have a stronger sense of fulfillment, more energy and better concentration. i want that :)

and lots of people have teased me about my fat … like almost every day. i want to stop that. i want to show them that i’m made of strong stuff too, not just fat stuff. and even more people have teased me (sometimes not openly but i can tell) about how i look. lots of people mistake me for a 12-year-old even though i’m 15 going 16 because of my chubby face and babyish look!! gah!!! they say it’s baby fat but that’s just being polite - uh-uh, this isn’t baby fat and everyone knows it.

that’s why i’m doing this!


day 4

greatest fears about weight loss 

so when i first started i decided i wanted to do it the unhealthy way - meaning starving myself all day, exercising like mad, and i was a bit scared cos someone told me about how your brain could shrink from lack of food so i decided not to.

right now it’s kind of just exercise about 3 x 20 min every week (i know it’s kind of little) and trying not too each too much junk, keeping my diet clean and all. all of this i have to do with careful discretion from my parents’ discerning eyes because they seem to think that i’m ano which is really annoying

so e.g. recalling a scene a few days ago at dinner: i took less rice than i usually do cos my *time of the month* had struck and one of my symtoms is loss of appetite and my mother just walks over and asks me, “why are you eating so little? are you on a diet?? are you trying to lose weight?????”

i don’t know but it’s just annoys me so much aijdkfja;ds wth i seriously feel like kicking thousand-dollar vases every time i recount this ok

so 2nd fear: that my parents would find out cos they’d just nag my ears off

3rd fear: that i would give up halfway and undo all the progress i’ve made ;__; from past experiences i figured out that i’m very prone to doing that … and thus explains the wild fluctuations in my weight

4th fear: that people would judge me. this is a real problem ok in the world we live in today it is hard not to get judged. even i am constantly judging others - not purposefully. i guess it’s just part of human nature, along with the rest of sin.

i’m scared that people will laugh at me when i exercise - this has really been a major deterrent for me! i used to swim but now i don’t ever because i’m afraid people would laugh at me in a swimsuit. earlier this year i decided to run on alternate days but i’m too afraid that my neighbours would think that i run really slowly and laugh at how unfit i am. then i decided to try the elliptical in the gym below my apartment … but every time there’s someone in there i just am too afraid to exercise. 

so yes, this fear is real and perennial.

and i guess that’s it.

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I fucking hate people like that😣 well I think you are lovely! And I hope you have a good nightl!

i do too honestly >< and thank you a compliment made my night even better! i hope you have a goodnight as well!!!<3

Thank You to the 2015 Muddy River Blues Revival Event Sponsors!

~Jennifer Lyn:

The sponsors are locked in, the posters are printed, and the t-shirts are being finalized.  Thank you so much to the following awesome local businesses for supporting the 2015 “Muddy River Blues Revival”.  Without your support, we would not be having this fantastic local Blues event.  THANK YOU!

  • Muddy River Blues Society
  • Laughing Sun Brewing Co.
  • Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary
  • Nightl…

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30 days weight loss challenge: DAYS 1 - 3

day 1

my stats?

i’m 162cm (5'3) and 44kg (97 pounds). i may seem underweight but it’s really because i’m quite boobless (yeah i get teased every day for looking like a pre-puberty kid) and light bones just run in my family … along with cancer, diabetes and heart disease ;__;

my goal is to get below 40kg in time for prom this year and also to get fitter … i’m really so unfit right now ide

so yup that’s it

day 2

how tall am i???? shouldn’t it be how short am i omg (162cm)
no i am not happy with my height! i’m constantly trying to find ways to grow taller but i kind of stopped growing 3 years ago so idk

day 3

a picture of my thinspiration … idk do i even have any thinspirations
there’s this girl in my class, she’s 164cm tall and only 41kg. i guess that counts but i’m not going to put a pic of her here das jus weird

i like her cos she’s really skinny and her collarbones show really prominently plus she probably has a thigh gap? yeah i want her height and weight but i would want her body cos she’s frequently fainting during PE so nope! i’d rather my fatter-but-stronger body

oh and i kind of like taylor swift too she’s just so pretty and talented *-* /starstruck
every time i come across her picture on album art or posters etc i would just ogle at it for a few seconds like wow dis gurl is beyootifwel

yup that’s it