This post is dedicated to my best friend, who I love more then anything in the world.

Dear Lea,

I am posting this to tell you that through good and through bad times, I will always stand by your side. Your happiness is an important part of my life, and I don’t want you to lose it. Once in a while, things will become tough. It will feel as if the world is crashing down on you, heavy, difficult. As if god has decided that you’re better off alone in this world, banning you from the good things. But all this pain becomes worth while in the end, and even though that sounds stupid as fuck now, I believe it will become clearer through the years. We’ve never left each other’s side, and we never will. I know our friendship was meant to be, and that we’re just like sisters. The fact that you’re a blonde with blue eyes, and I’m a brunette with brown eyes doesn’t mean anything anymore. We’re family. Maybe more then that. Maybe our souls are connected, bonded since the day we met. 

I am writing this because i love you. I probably don’t say it enough, and probably never will do, but I guess not saying it too much makes it more special when I do. 

PS . crying isn’t such a bad thing after all.



Uglies Series

just read the first 2 books of the uglies series and i think it was really good.  I couldn’t put these book down although at the beginning it did bother me a bit how self conscious Tally was about herself, how the ‘uglies’ were treated and the peoples shallow view on prettiness which i guess i should have assumed since the book is about people judging people by their looks and aiming not to be pretty inside but just be pretty on the outside and fitting in.

if you like reading books about post-apocalyptic societies, or about societies being manipulated for peoples 'own good’, then you’ll probably love this one.

really enjoyed it though <3