Just me messing around XD the first is me showing my friend what my hair looked like (idek XD) and the second is the night before I was in a play (and it terrified me like Omg o.o) and me and my friend Mckenzie and Katie played around and we ended up taking selfies ALL. NIGHT XDDD

I think I'm onto something
  • Chowder:It kinda seems to me like the main point of Ashley's existence is that even if you go full Renegade
  • Chowder:Like mean to Tali and rude to Garrus and everything
  • Nightface:who the fuck would be mean to tali
  • Nightface:8C
  • Chowder:You can still go "well at least I'm not Ashley"
  • Chowder:I know right
  • Chowder:But the game gives you the option
  • Chowder:So obviously some degenerate at Bioware thought someone was going to want to
  • Nightface:8CCC
  • Chowder:In fact that's probably exactly why they added Ashley
  • Chowder:The script supervisor is all, "Chris, did you write this?"
  • Chowder:And Chris is all "Write what?"
  • Chowder:"This thing where Shepard calls Tali a filthy thieving space gypsy who should die in a space Nazi concentration camp."
  • Chowder:"Oh. Yeah, that was me."
  • Nightface:oh my god
  • Chowder:"Well why? I mean it's Tali. Come on. Tali'zorah nar Rayya? Loveable sassy geek?"
  • Chowder:"But this is like totally in character for Shepard. Being mean to everyone. Even Tali."
  • Chowder:"Oh yeah, you're right. But no one's gonna like Shepard if you can be mean to Tali. What can we do about this?"
  • Chowder:"What if...what if we added the worst person in the world?"
  • Chowder:"GENIUS."
  • Nightface:XD

So I drew a moody Mika and then

[01:38:02 p.m.] Nightface: you know when
[01:38:13 p.m.] Nightface: you didn’t draw a character of yours for a long ass time
[01:38:21 p.m.] Nightface: because you somehow felt you couldn’t do it justice
[01:38:41 p.m.] Nightface: and then you draw it and you feel, wow this is my fucking baby here I’m proud of you sob
[01:39:01 p.m.] Nightface: That’s how I’m feeling right now ;A;
[01:39:06 p.m.] Cara: XDDD

Shrieking Slink

Basically I wanted to make a prowler hunter creature that could fit in both deep dark Jungles and City Ruin eviroments and use loud screams as a form of attack. Main way of hunting would be to follow prey to a place where it can hang on a branch, decend on it and drag it back up. Bioluminiscent spots would be used when dealing with larger cratures, as a way of intimidation, and also leatting out loud screams that can stun prey.