By request, how to do my nightfall nails. These are actually pretty simple, and similar to galaxy nails. I started with a base of Essie Maximillian Strasse-her, which is a nice nondescript blue/green/grey. Then I used a piece of a makeup wedge sponge to dab on various colors: brighter blue (Orly Frisky), dark blue (OPI I Saw..U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw), black, and a red jelly (Essie Clambake), which over the blue looks kinda purple. I concentrated the darker colors toward the tip, and used the red very sparingly.

I added a horizon with black polish, then made it “glow” by adding a thin line of a yellow-toned cream polish (OPI My Vampire Wears Buff) right above it. I added a few very light spots of white polish for stars (hard to see, but that’s the second-to-last step). Clean up, topcoat, and done!